Green, Valdiviezo and Nygreen awarded a PSEG

A proposal, “Youth-Centered Professional Development for Ethnic Studies Teachers: A Partnership of Holyoke Public Schools and UMass College of Education,” submitted as a collaboration between Keisha Green, Laura Valdiviezo and Kysa Nygreen, teacher education and curriculum studies, and Holyoke Public Schools, was selected by the university to receive a Public Service Endowment Grant (PSEG) 2018 award of $15,000.

ValdiviezoThe researchers will work with the Holyoke Public Schools’ ethnic studies program coordinator and students in the ethnic studies program to design, deliver and evaluate a professional development series for ethnic studies teachers in grades 7-11 over the course of the 2018-19 school year.


The series will use a critical youth-centered approach, consistent with the theoretical and epistemological bases of ethnic studies as an interdisciplinary field. In addition to meeting an immediate program need as articulated by the ethnic studies program coordinator, they will conduct research to generate academic knowledge about best practices for preparing and supporting ethnic studies teachers in high-needs districts and the impacts of ethnic studies coursework on students in the program.

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