Stetz Lecture Series: Evaluation for Change: Evidence from the Global South

January 27, 12:00pm to 1:00pm
102 Furcolo

The Stetz Lecture Series, presented by Research, Educational Measurement, & Psychometrics (REMP), welcomes Fatima T. Zahra, Ph.D. for the talk, "Evaluation for Change: Evidence from the Global South, Optimizing Human Potential and Outcomes in Marginalized Places."

Dr. Zahra's research cuts across various areas such as education, agriculture, and health to address unequal access to resources and the resulting loss of human potential and asks: Who creates knowledge and who uses it? How do we use this knowledge to measure outcomes that matter to the local communities? Dr. Zahra developed a conceptual model to explain the major drivers of productivity in rural Bangladesh, employing a mixed methods approach by drawing on data from a randomized experiment and a secondary (administrative) source, and ethnographic research. The results demonstrate that individual, household, and community-level factors influence knowledge that drives the performance and adoption behavior of local farmers.