Dr. Richa Nagar talk, "Building Situated Solidarities Across Academia, Arts, & Activism"

May 1, 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Furcolo 102

Join Dr. Richa Nagar, Professor in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies at University of Minnesota, for a talk entitled, "Building Situated Solidarities Across Academia, Arts, & Activism."

Sponsored by Alliance for Critical Education and EDUC 733 Seminar, refreshments will be provided.

About Dr. Nagar

Dr. Nagar's intellectual, pedagogical and creative labor focuses on writing lives and struggles across the borders of languages, genres, disciplines and geographical locations. The talk will be based on her forthcoming book, Hungry Translations:  Relearning the World Through Radical Vulnerability, that builds on her previous groundbreaking works Playing with Fire: Feminist Thought and Activism through Seven Lives in India (2006), and Muddying the Waters: Coauthoring Feminisms Across Scholarship and Activism (2014). 

Dr. Nagar is Professor of the College, College of Liberal Arts, Russell M. & Elizabeth M. Bennett Chair in Excellence, and Beverly & Richard Fink Professor in Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota.