Department of Student Development

Amanda Marcotte

Associate Professor
Program Coordinator, School Psychology

John Hintze

Chair, Department of Student Development

Sarah Fefer

Associate Professor
Associate Director of Center for Youth Engagement

Jamila Lyiscott

Assistant Professor

Korina Jocson

Associate Professor

Ximena Zúñiga


Special Education

University of Massachusetts Amherst special education students become catalysts for change, helping increase educational opportunities and improve outcomes for children with disabilities and their families. A key priority of the program is examining and understanding how students’ needs are identified, how special needs are classified, and the impact when children—especially those from low-income or underrepresented communities—are misdiagnosed.

Social Justice Education

We welcome educational professionals of every stripe—teachers, counselors, psychologists, administrators, student affairs programmers, residence life educators—who work throughout the educational system—kindergarten through college, after-school and youth development programs, and community-based organizations. The program is ideal for students with broad career and life experience who want to acquire the tools and knowledge they need to effect change in the educational environments and systems in which they work.

School Psychology

We take an immersion-based approach to education. Employing a research-based and critical approach, students explore the theoretical foundations, methods, and application of psychological principles as they apply to school psychology practice and related fields. They seek to develop and disseminate school psychology knowledge, skills, policies and practices for the benefit of children, family, schools, and society.