Educator Licensing Forms & Milestones

These are the key forms you need and the steps you will take to complete your path to receiving an educator's license.

As you work toward your educator license (including teaching, administrative, counseling, and school psychology licenses) you will complete the following forms and submit them to the Undergraduate Advising & Educator Licensure Office in W144 Furcolo. Completing and submitting all forms in a timely fashion as you progress through the program will help make your process more efficient, especially when we are preparing transcripts and support for your licensure application. 

Before you begin: review your student guide 

Once you are enrolled in a licensure program, you will be contacted by the Educator Licensing Office with first steps and a copy of our student guide. 

If you have not received these materials, or if you have questions about the forms and milestones below, please contact Seug-eun Lee in the the Educator Licensing Office at (413) 545-2701 or

Step One: Fill out Program Admission and Enrollment Form (L1) in TK20 .

Following the "Getting Started" portion of our student guide (see above if you have not received it yet), purchase your license for the TK20 portfolio and licensing system. Log in to Tk20 and fill out the L1 Program Admission and Enrollment Form. 

Remember to submit a copy of your MTEL scores. The Undergraduate Advising & Educator Licensure Office must have a copy of your individual MTEL score report on file for licensure purposes. (Yes, the testing company sends scores to the college, but this is a long roster of names & scores that cannot be used for individual files or licensure applications.)

Step Two: Submit a Practicum Placement Contract (L2)

Form L2:  Practicum Placement Contract

Music Education submit Form L2a:  Music Practicum Placement Contract

Depending on your licensure levels and/or program requirements, you may need more than one Practicum Placement Contract. If you have questions about these forms, please contact your Program Coordinator.

Step Three: Submit your Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP) Form (L3)

All candidates for teaching licenses are required to complete the state-issued Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP) form.

Form L3 - Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP) 

Note that some licenses require specific CAPS forms: 

School Counseling - Form L3b

Speech, Language & Hearing Disorders - Form L3c 

School Psychology - Form L3d