Services provided by UMass Amherst College of Education staff


General Academic Questions

Kristin Tyler (413) 545-6984

Beacon, publications, social media, branding, 
monitor messaging, web updates

Denise Schwartz (413) 545-1551

Courses, University and Continuing & Professional Education
(scheduling, registering, evaluations, practica, independent study, descriptions, grade changes)

Robert Heath (413) 545-0236

Educator Information Office

Voicemail (413) 545-2002

Educator Licensure Office

(413) 545-2701

Graduate Fellowship applications


Graduate School policies, guidelines, forms

Kristin Tyler (413) 545-6984

Graduate student files

Kristin Tyler (413) 545-6984

Graduation eligibility forms

Kristin Tyler (413) 545-6984

Scholarship applications


Mike Hanna (413) 545-2231

Educational Tech Services
(VCRs, TVs, Projectors)

UMass Tk-20

Voicemail (413) 545-7008


Denise Schwartz (413) 545-1551



Department Administrators

   Educational Policy, Research and Administration


 Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies


 Student Development


Jennie Southgate

John Ciampa (413) 545-2249


Judy Pierce (413) 545-3610

Air conditioning/heat/installation/repairs


Mike Hanna (413) 545-2231

Building repairs & maintenance, custodial service

Wendy Wilde (413) 545-2789

Computers, printers, copiers (repairs)

Department Administrators

Equipment & Office Supplies

Department Administrators

Furniture/Equipment removal

Department Administrators

Grants & Contracts



Press Releases, News, Beacon submissions, social media

Denise Schwartz (413) 545-1551

(installation, voicemail, long distance code)

Wendy Wilde  (413) 545-2789 or Department Administrators

Travel reimbursement  

Department Administrative Assistants

Vehicle reservation



Human Resources




Faculty & Staff

 Appointments/Changes & Add Comps.,General personnel information, Policies and Procedures, Position descriptions and advertisements, Searches


Karlee Drumgool  (413) 545-0091

Time reporting for faculty, staff, students


Sara Mutch


Graduate Assistantships and Student Appointments



Research Services

Proposal Development

Grants & Contracts Administration