People A-Z


Ivon Arroyo

Associate Professor
Portrait of Ivon Arroyo

Theresa Y. Austin

(413) 545-0138

W260 Furcolo

Portrait of Theresa Austin

Ysaaca Axelrod

Assistant Professor
(413) 545-1570

W155 Furcolo

Benita Barnes

Associate Professor
Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion
(413) 545-1083

N180 Furcolo

Professor Benita Barnes

Ian Barron

Director, Center for International Education

115 Montague House

headshot of Ian Barron

Beverley Bell

Senior Lecturer
Assistant Dean of Educator Preparation

S103A Furcolo

Nicolas Blaisdell

Adjunct Professor

Warren Blumenfeld


S132 Furcolo

Sade Bonilla

Assistant Professor

N170 Furcolo

Sade Bonilla Profile Picdturte

Mary Lynn Boscardin

*on sabbatical
(413) 545-1193

W253 Furcolo

Mary Lynn Boscardin Portrait

Maria José Botelho

(413) 545-1110

W258 Furcolo

headshot of Maria Jose Botelho

Jeanne Brunner

Assistant Professor
(413) 545-9392

W154 Furcolo

headshot of Jeanne Brunner

Sarah Mabry Calle

Executive Assistant to the Dean

J. Camille Cammack

Senior Lecturer II
(413) 545-5734

W160 Furcolo

headshot of Camille Cammack

Sally Campbell Galman

(413) 545-4247

W162 Furcolo

Portrait of Sally Campbell Galman

John C. Carey

Professor Emeritus
Director Emeritus, Center for Counseling Outcome Research & Evaluation
Professor Emeritus John C. Carey

Anna Carter

Administrative Assistant, Project RAISE
(413) 577-3395

S119 Furcolo

Portrait of Anna Carter

David Caruso

Lecturer - Higher Education Leadership
David Caruso

Brian Case

Grants and Contract Coordinator

130 Furcolo

A portrait of Brian Case

Carmelo Chiello

Director of Educator Preparation

 Furcolo S103C 

Jonique Childs

Assistant Professor

S170 Furcolo

headshot of Jonique Childs

John J. Clement

Professor Emeritus
(413) 545-0958/545-3610
John Clement

Nicole Cloutier

(413) 545-0897

W109 Furcolo

Nicole Cloutier

Justin Coles

Assistant Professor
Director of Arts, Culture, and Political Engagements at the Center of Racial Justice and Youth Engaged Research

S132 Furcolo

John Comings

Adjunct Professor - Early Grade Reading in Developing Countries
John Comings

Wes DeShano

Communications and Marketing Specialist
(413) 545-3568

W106 Furcolo

Photo of communications and marketing specialist Wes DeShano

Marialuisa Di Stefano

Assistant Professor
(413) 545-3675

W259 Furcolo

headshot of Marialuisa Di Stefano

Carey Dimmitt

Director, Center for School Counseling Outcome Research & Evaluation
Program Coordinator, School Counselor Education
Program Coordinator, Social Justice Education
(413) 577-1358

S116 Furcolo

headshot of Carey Dimmitt

Christine Dolgas

Grants & Contract Manager
(413) 545-2577

130A Furcolo

Christine Dolgas

Karlee Drumgool

Human Resources Manager
(413) 545-0091

W101 Furcolo

Karlee Drumgool sitting at desk

Jodi Drury

Lecturer, Special Education
No photo available

Darrell Earnest

Associate Professor
(413) 545-2403

W157 Furcolo

headshot of Darrell Earnest

Anthony Eastmond

Clerk, P12 Educator Preparation
(413) 545-1191

S103 Furcolo

Anthony Eastmond

Jeffrey W. Eiseman

Associate Professor
(413) 545-1536/545-3610

N142 Furcolo

headshot of Jeffrey Eiseman

Daryl Essensa

Senior Lecturer
(413) 545-0514

W224 Furcolo

Daryl Essensa

David Evans

Professor Emeritus
(413) 545-4175

101 Montague

headshot of David Evans

Sarah Fefer

Associate Professor
Associate Director of Center for Youth Engagement
(413) 545-0211

S150 Furcolo

headshot of Sarah Fefer

John Francisco

Associate Professor
(413) 545-0615

W242 Furcolo

John Francisco

John Gartner

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Adjunct Assistant Professor John Gartner

Meg L. Gebhard

(413) 577-0863

W212 Furcolo

headshot of Meg Gebhard

Leigh Gehringer-Wiar

Administrative Associate
Leigh Gehringer-Wiar Profile Photo

Cynthia Gerstl-Pepin

(413) 545-2705

W115A Furcolo

headshot of Dean Cynthia Gerstl-Pepin

Barbara Gravin-Wilbur

Program Manager, Center for International Education
(413) 545-4176

125 Montague

Barbara Gravin-Wilbur

Kelly Gray

Lecturer - Higher Education
Assistant Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Executive Director of the SBS Advising Resource Center
(413) 545-2684

227 Whitmore

Portrait of Kelly Gray

Katie Gray

Lecturer, School Counselor Education
The letters EDUC over dark blue background

Keisha L. Green

Associate Professor
Co-Founder, Center of Racial Justice and Youth Engaged Research
(413) 545-1118

W210 Furcolo

headshot of Keisha Green

Denise Green

Lecturer, School Counseling
No photo available

Linda Griffin

(413) 545-6985

W225 Furcolo

headshot of Linda Griffin

Ronald Hambleton

Professor Emeritus
Executive Director, Center for Educational Assessment
(413) 545-0262

N104 Furcolo

profile picture of Ron Hambleton

Claire Hamilton

Associate Professor
Associate Provost and Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
(413) 545-1225

301 Goodel

Associate Professor of Children, Families, and Schools, Claire Hamilton

Shane Hammond

Senior Lecturer
Graduate Program Director
(413) 545-7680

W114 Furcolo

Portrait of Shane Hammond

Michael Hanna

Academic Affairs Coordinator
(413) 545-2231

120 Furcolo

Mike Hanna

Robert Heath

Clerk, P12 Educator Preparation
(413) 545-0236

S103 Furcolo

Robert Heath sitting at desk

Brandi Hephner LaBanc

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs & Campus Life, Adjunct Professor

John Hintze

(413) 577-1470

S156 Furcolo

headshot of John Hintze

Dawn Horton

Assistant Professor
Associate Director, Center for School Counseling Outcome Research & Evaluation

S122 Furcolo

headshot of Dawn Horton

John Hosp

Professor, Special Education
Interim Department Chair, Student Development
(413) 545-0991

S164 Furcolo

headshot of John Hosp

Michelle Hosp

Associate Professor
Special Education
*on leave
(413) 545-4194

S138 Furcolo

headshot of Michelle Hosp

Kate Hudson

Senior Lecturer
Director of Online Programs & Digital Learning
(413) 577-3148

N182 Furcolo, W106 Furcolo

Headshot of Kate Hudson

Ally Hunter

Postdoctoral Fellow

Furcolo S116

Lucas Iain

Assistant Dean for Finance and Planning

130B Furcolo

The letters EDUC over dark blue background

Kristin Iverson

Lecturer, Teacher Education and School Improvement (TESI)
No photo available

Denise Ives

Associate Professor
(413) 545-0660

W155 Furcolo

headshot of Denise Ives

Korina Jocson

Associate Professor
*on sabbatical
(413) 545-3569

S140 Furcolo

headshot of Korina Jocson

Amanda Walker Johnson

Associate Professor of Anthropology
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Sangeeta Kamat

Grace Lee Boggs Faculty Fellow at the Center of Racial Justice and Youth Engaged Research
(413) 545-4586/545-3610

N162 Furcolo

Professor Sangeeta Kamat

Lisa Keller

Associate Professor
Assistant Director of the Center for Educational Assessment
(413) 545-1528/545-3610

N108 Furcolo

headshot of Lisa Keller

Ezekiel Kimball

Associate Professor
Associate Director, Center for Student Success Research
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

S103A Furcolo

headshot of Zeke Kimball

Michael Krezmien

Director, Center for Youth Engagement
(413) 545-2062

S134 Furcolo

headshot of Michael Krezmien

John Kudukey

Senior Lecturer
(413) 545-3126

W228 Furcolo

John Kudukey portrait

Rich Lapan

Professor Emeritus

S114 Furcolo

Richard Lapan

Andrea Larmon

Lecturer, Special Education
No photo available

Scott Latham

Administrative Assistant, Center for Educational Assessment
(413) 545-1184

N100 Furcolo

Scott Latham

Alexandra Lauterbach

Associate Professor; Special Education
(413) 545-8379

S168 Furcolo

headshot of Alexandra Lauterbach

Rachael Lawrence

Postdoctoral Fellow
Assistant Director, Center for Educational Policy
headshot of Rachael Lawrence

Seung-eun Lee

Educator Licensure Officer
(413) 545-2701

S103 Furcolo

Seung-eun Lee

Bethany Lisi

Lecturer - Higher Education
(413) 545-1699

301 Goodell Building

Sovann-Malis Loeung

Department Administrator

Jamila Lyiscott

Assistant Professor
Co-Founder, Center of Racial Justice and Youth Engaged Research
(413) 545-2988

S130 Furcolo

Assistant Professor of Social Justice Education Jamila Lyiscott

Sandra Madden

(413) 545-0135

W233 Furcolo

Sandra Madden headshot

Robert Maloy

Senior Lecturer II
(413) 545-0945

W229 Furcolo

Headshot of Bob Maloy

Susan Martin

Human Resources Specialist
(413) 545-0237

W101 Furcolo

headshot of Susan Martin

Bill Matthews

Lecturer, School Psychology
No photo available

Bara Mbengue

CRJ Apprentice
Bara Mbengue Profile Photo

Kathryn A. McDermott

Chair, Department of Educational Policy, Research, & Administration
(413) 545-3562/545-3610

N130 Furcolo

headshot of Katie McDermott

Betsy McEneaney

Associate Professor
University to Schools Coordinator
TECS Department Chair
(413) 545-0529

W214 Furcolo

headshot of Betsy McEneaney
Emely Medina

Scott Monroe

Associate Professor
Assistant Director of the Center for Educational Assessment
(413) 545-8909

N120 Furcolo

headshot of Scott Monroe

Jacqi Mosselson

Program Coordinator, International Education
Co-Editor, Comparative Education Review
(413) 545-4696

N152 Furcolo

headshot of Jacqi Mosselson

Sayed Ahmad Javid Mussawy

Education Assessment Analyst

David Neely

Lecturer, Social Justice Education

Martina Nieswandt

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement
(413) 577-1060

362 Whitmore

headshot of Martina Nieswandt

Bjorn H. Nordtveit

Associate Professor
(413) 888 8238

N150 Furcolo

headshot of Bjorn Nordtveit

Lyndsey Nunes

Lecturer, Special Education
No photo available

Kysa Nygreen

Associate Professor
(413) 545-0541

W216 Furcolo

headshot of Kysa Nygreen

Francis O'Donnell

Research Fellow
headshot of Francis O'Donnel

Hillary Osgood

Operations Generalist

130 Furcolo

No photo available

Christopher Overtree

Senior Lecturer, School Psychology

S118 Furcolo

Photo of instructor Christopher Overtree

Julie Pallant

IT Lead
(413) 545-3153

W106 Furcolo

Portrait of IT Lead Julie Pallant

Christine Quiñones

Grants and Contracts Coordinator

Sharon Rallis

Professor Emerita
Director of the Center for Education Policy
(413) 545-1056/545-3610

N140 Furcolo

headshot of Sharon Rallis

Jennifer Randall

Associate Professor
Director of Evaluation for the Center for Educational Assessment
(413) 545-7125

W114C Furcolo

Jennifer Randall

Judy Raper

Photograph of Judy Raper

Benjamin Rodriguez

Academic Advisor

W144 Furcolo

Photo of admission counselor Ben Rodriguez

Gretchen Rossman

Professor Emerita

206 Montague

headshot of Gretchen Rossman

Tammie Jenkins Samuels


Furcolo S166

headshot of Tammie Samuels

Clement Alexander Seldin

Professor Emeritus
Clem Seldin

Raymond Sharick

Senior Lecturer
(413) 545-8302

W159 Furcolo

headshot of Ray Sharick

Stephen Sireci

Distinguished University Professor
Director of the Center for Educational Assessment
(413) 545-0564/545-3610

N110 Furcolo

headshot of Steve Sireci

Cristine Smith

Associate Dean, Research and Engagement
(413) 545-2062

130C Furcolo

headshot of Cristine Smith

Jim Smith

Information Technology Manager
(413) 545-8522

W006 Furcolo

Jim Smith sitting at desk

Jennifer Southgate

Department Administrator, Educational Policy, Research & Administration
(413) 545-2288

N122 Furcolo

Jennie Southgate

Sarah Spence

Lecturer, School Counseling
No photo available

Ann Stephany

Student Success Coordinator
(413) 545-0831

W151 Furcolo

Ann Stephany

Enrique (Henry) Suárez

Assistant Professor

W230 Furcolo Hall

Enrique Suarez smiling with roses in the background

Javier Suarez-Alvarez

Director, Adult Skills Assessment Project
Senior Research Fellow, Center for Educational Assessment

Florence Sullivan

(413) 577-1950

W244 Furcolo

Florence Sullivan
Erika Tai

Nina Tissi-Gassoway

Social Justice Education
Higher Education
The letters EDUC over dark blue background

Brian Toohey

Director of Development
(413) 545-2999

130B Furcolo 

Brian Toohey

Torrey Trust

Associate Professor
(413) 545-1574

W231 Furcolo

headshot of Torrey Trust

K.C. Nat Turner

(413) 577-0497

W254 Furcolo

headshot of K. C. Nat Turner

Kristin Tyler

Graduate Program Coordinator
(413) 545-6984

W114 Furcolo

headshot of Kristin Tyler

Marjorie Valdivia

Teaching Associate, Social Justice Education
No photo available

Laura Valdiviezo

(413) 545-7043

W255 Furcolo

headshot of Laura Valdiviezo

Ruth-Ellen Verock

Senior Lecturer II
(413) 545-1565

W226 Furcolo

Ruth-Ellen Verock

Shely Vohra

Lecturer, Master of Second Language Teaching (MSLT)
No photo available

Emily Walker

Department Administrator, Student Development
(413) 545-2261

S162 Furcolo

Photo of Emily Walker

Craig Wells

Associate Director for the Center for Educational Assessment
(413) 577-1726/545-3610

N116 Furcolo

headshot of Craig Wells

Ryan Wells

Director of the Center for Student Success Research
(413) 545-0871

N172 Furcolo

Ryan Wells

Amanda Wells Marcotte

Associate Professor
Program Coordinator, School Psychology
headshot of Amanda Marcotte

Sara Whitcomb

Associate Professor
Interim Associate Chair, Student Development
(413) 545-6904

S152 Furcolo

Sara Whitcomb

Elizabeth Williams

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Director of Survey and Evaluation Research
(413) 545-0736

252 Whitmore

Portrait of Elizabeth Williams

Carmen Woodhall

Coordinator and Lecturer
Science Education Online

W250 Furcolo

headshot of Carmen Woodhall

Rebecca Woodland

Co-Director of the Center for Education Policy
(413) 545-1751

N132 Furcolo

Portrait of Rebecca Woodland

Seon Yeong Yu

Associate Professor
(413) 545-0010

W158 Furcolo

Portrait of Associate Professor Seon Yeong Yu

April Zenisky

Associate Research Professor
Director of Computer-Based Testing Initiatives for the Center for Educational Assessment
(413) 577-2180

N106 Furcolo

Portrait of April Zenisky

Fred Zinn

Associate Director for Digital Learning
(413) 545-7936

W106 Furcolo

Fred Zinn standing next to white board

Ximena Zúñiga

(413) 545-0918

S136 Furcolo

Portrait of Ximena Zuniga