Academic Departments

Department of Educational Policy, Research & Administration

The Department of Education Policy, Research, and Administration (EPRA) promotes scholarship and pedagogy that focuses on leading-edge education policy issues. Our faculty and students engage in research, outreach, learning, and evaluation activities that integrate theoretical perspectives with current issues of policy and practice and they contribute to scholarly discourse, policy deliberations, and leadership development, and broadening of access in education. The programs prepare educators and leaders to critically analyze, interpret, and use information, and to facilitate students becoming agents of their own learning.

Department of Student Development

The programs in the Department of Student Development (SD) seek a deeper understanding of individuals and groups in formal educational settings. Our students and faculty study individual pupils and their relationships with peers, educators, and families. They also address relationships within and among various social groups and their interactions with educational systems, families, and communities. Through research and scholarship, our faculty and students develop and contribute to innovative program models that broaden accessibility and equity in public education.

Department of Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies

The faculty, students, and alumni of the programs in the Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies (TECS) work to improve public education in Massachusetts and beyond. The department directs K-12 teacher education programs at the undergraduate and master’s level. We conduct research and advanced study that furthers our understanding of teacher education, curriculum development, teaching, and learning. We take a leadership role in developing policy and promoting effective and equitable teacher education, curriculum, and school practices in the commonwealth.