Funding Opportunities (under construction)

Check here for graduate student and faculty funding opportunities that may be of interest.

Please check each funder's website for the most up-to-date information. These pages are only intended as guides

Summer Internship Opportunities


Internship, Part-time & Seasonal Job Resources, in addition to Handshake (1/2021)
NOTE: Not all websites screen diligently for fraudulent listings, which could lead to employment scams and a loss of money to students. These fake listings use real company names, but the contact does not work there and is “phishing”. If a job seems “too good to be true”, be cautious and contact your career center or the Career Hub:   NEVER give out personal or banking information, NEVER deposit checks into your bank account to “get started” in a job and NEVER send anyone money, you do not know.

General nationwide (use keywords)                     


Massachusetts-based:                    (Western MA)                       (Western MA)            (Western MA)              (Western MA) (UMass Financial Aid Job Board is now listing jobs in all of MA)

Government/DC/VA area:                           (Official Government Database) (Public History)       (Smithsonian) (National Archives)  

Sciences:  (UMass Office of Undergraduate Research and Studies (OURS /REU’s) (MA Life Sciences) (US Department of Energy) (RIT’s database for premed and health sciences)

Field-Specific: (check with your College career center as well) (non-profits)                    (natural resources) (media)                    (MA book publishing) (fashion)     (publishing) (MA arts)                  (MA clean energy)         

Students with Disabilities:                                                   

PT & Summer Jobs: