Political Economy Workshop

This seminar meets 6 to 10 times a semester. Graduate students and faculty from the Economics Department and from elsewhere present papers on a range of topics in political economy.

Spring 2020 Schedule

Date Speaker(s) Title

February 19         
4:00 pm

Deepankar Basu           
Professor of Economics   
UMass Amherst

Dominance of Majoritarian Politics and Hate Crimes Against Religious Minorities in India 2009-2018

February 25
4:00 pm

Fred Moseley
Professor Emeritus of Economics
Mount Holyoke College

The Relative Explanatory Power of Marx's Theory and Sraffa's Theory:  A Marxian Reply to Hahnel

Tuesday ***
March 3
4:00 pm

Minqui Li
Professor of Economics
University of Utah

Has China Become an Imperialist Country?
March 10
4:00 pm

JW Mason
Assistant Professor of Economics
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

The Macroeconomics of World War II: Lessons for the Green New Deal.

March 24
4:00 pm

Canceled- R. Bin Wong
Director of the UCLA Asia Institute and Distinguished Professor of History

What Economists & Historians have Missed in Chinese Economic History: Why Filling in the Blanks Might Matter to Plotting Future Possibilities

March 31
4:00 pm

Canceled- Lopamudra Banerjee
Professor of Economics and Political Economy
Bennington College

Class Location and the Risk of Disaster Exposure
April 7 
4:00 pm
Canceled- Nancy Folbre
Director of Program on Gender and Care Work, Political Economy Research Institute
UMass Amherst
Manifold Exploitations
April 14 
4:00 pm
Canceled- Steve Pressman
Professor of Economics
Colorado State Univeristy
Capital Accumulation: Piketty after Piketty

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** co-sponsored by the History & Development Workshop and UMass Department of History

*** co-sponsored by the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI)


Room 209
Crotty Hall
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Papers should be posted at least one week prior to presentation. 

For further information, contact Professor Moos at kmoos@umass.edu.