Economic Theory Workshop

This seminar meets 6 to 10 times a semester in which graduate students and faculty report on research in progress on topics in economic theory and related areas. Faculty from other Departments, other Colleges, and other Universities are frequently invited to both attend and present papers.

Fall 2017 Schedule

Date Speaker(s) Title
September 18
4:00 pm
Cristina Marcuzzo
University of Rome
Is There a Cambridge Approach to Economics?
September 25
4:00 pm
Hiroaki Sasaki
Kyoto University
Increased Shareholder Power, Income Distribution, and Employment in a Neo-Kaleckian Model with Conflict Inflation
October 10
4:00 pm
Alex Coram
The Political Economy of Production and Distribution:  A Non-Atomic Game
October 30
4:00 pm
Sam Bowles
University of Massachusetts Amherst
How Extraordinary Wealth Inequality Came to Be the Human Condition: New Evidence and an Interpretation
November 13
4:00 pm
Nancy MacLean
Duke University
Democracy in Chains (joint with Political Economy Research Institute; Campus Center - room TBD)
December 4
4:00 pm
Bill Spriggs
​Howard University

* This Tuesday follows a Monday schedule.


Workshop Location: 209 Crotty Hall (unless otherwise indicated)
412 N. Pleasant St., Amherst
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Papers will be posted at least one week prior to presentation.

For more details, contact Professor Katzner at