Graduate School

Students considering graduate school in Economics should prepare by taking Economics courses and more advanced Math courses that emphasize the technical skills necessary for a graduate education in economics.

ECON 203 – Intermediate Microeconomics (or RES-ECON 202 – Price Theory), ECON 204 – Intermediate Macroeconomics, ECON 452 – Econometrics, and ECON 309 – Game Theory, provide tools used by most economists.

The following math courses should be taken:
MATH 131 – Calculus I
MATH 132 – Calculus II

The following math courses are suggested to be taken:
MATH 233 – Multivariate Calculus
MATH 235 – Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH 331 – Ordinary Differential Equations
STATISTC 515 – Statistics I

Students may also consider a second major or minor in mathematics or statistics.

Questions regarding the Math major or minor requirements should be directed to an Academic Advisor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics: