Economics Undergraduate Research Assistantships (EURA)

The Department of Economics has instituted a program of undergraduate research assistantships in which current students majoring in economics work with faculty members to gain valuable research assistant experience on research projects.

The EURA program engages students in cutting-edge economics beyond the classroom.  All EURAs receive academic credit.  We anticipate providing a stipend of $600 for first-time EURAs, contingent on availability of funds.

Economics undergraduate majors are encouraged to discuss the possibility of an assistantship with members of the faculty. The completed student application, the faculty/student contract and the faculty application should be returned to the EURA program director.  

Refer to Guidelines for Economics Undergraduate Research Assistants.


Spring semester:  Friday, January 31, 2020


The director of the EURA program is Arin Dube, whose office is located in 212 Crotty Hall. Email for additional information.


Student Application
Faculty/Student Contract
Faculty Application

Spring 2020 EURA projects:

Undergraduate Research Assistant Faculty Sponsor Project
Aseem Prabhakar Hendrik Van Den Berg  
Britney Bourassa Lenore Paladino  
Ian Dinnie Douglas Cliggott  
John Stevenson Marta Vicarelli  
Maya McCollum Isabella Weber  
Nicholas Bucchianeri Daniele Girardi  
Reilly Lee Katherine Moos  
Samantha Blaney Cuevas Ina Ganguli  
Saul Bezner Gerald Friedman  
Sophia Chan Daniele Girardi  
Sophia Chryssanthacopoulos Daniele Girardi  
Zachary Ettridge Marta Vicarelli  
Nihal Warawdekar Marta Vicarelli  
Vikram Sablani Ina Ganguli  

Recent EURA projects:

Undergraduate Research Assistant Faculty Sponsor Project
Tiffany Duong Hendrik Van Den Berg Examining the Influence of Transnational Corporations on the Global Economy
Mark Ambrose Douglas Cliggott CEO Compensation and Inequality in Different Countries
Jeanai Celestin Michael Ash Analysis of Boston’s Home-Based School Assignment Program
Kyle Compton Marta Vicarelli The Economics of Ecosystem Services for Disaster Risk Reduction 
Lindsey Camuso Ina Ganguli How Do Conferences Impact Scientific Careers?
Peter Murphy James Heintz Economic Policy and Human Rights: A Comparative Analysis of Healthcare in High-Income Countries)
Madeleine Werner James Heintz Spending on Healthcare and Education in the US
Henry Walsh Léonce Ndikumana Development Banking in Tanzania: Lesson from the Case of CRDB
Darby O’Connor Lawrence King Overmedication in the United States: Who’s to Blame?
Tiffany Duong Gerald Friedman Effects of the Single Payer Plan on the Healthcare Sector
James Jedras Gerald Epstein         The Rise and Fall of Trump's P3 Plan
Ethan Moran Douglas Cliggott Capital Requirements: A Higher Equity Requirement for Banks Doesn't Mean Less Lending
Shane McCormack Naoki Yoshihara Unequal Exchange in International Trade
Noah Kouchekinia Ina Ganguli Matching Patent Interference Cases to the PATSTAT Database
Cobi Frongillo Jim Boyce How Should We Price Carbon? (Watch poster presentation)
Rebecca Eige & Stelliana Benson Dania Francis Where do Teachers Live?
Kenyon Kowalski Michael Ash Racial Disparities in Pollution Exposure and Employment at U.S. Industrial Facilities 
Oluwatimilehin Iwayemi Mwangi wa Githinji The Role of Land Grabs in Food Security of the Gulf Cooperation Council

Katherine Gabriele,
Shannon Kelly, 
Zhe Liu

Michael Ash Tracking key economic decision-makers in advanced economies, 1975-2015
Mike Berner Ina Ganguli Impact of Patent Rights on Inventive Activity: Evidence from Patent Interferences
Nantia Boampong Lisa Saunders Education and Industry Wages in Metropolitan Area Detroit, Pre and Post-Recession (2000-2014)
Evelyn Brand Marta Vicarelli Impacts of Weather, Climatic Trends, and Climatic Extremes on Human Capital Development
David Chesire Mwangi wa Githinji Erasing Class/(Re)creating Ethnicity: Jobs, Politics, Accumulation and Identity in Kenya
Anya Conti Diane Flaherty Manufacturing and Employment in Latin and Central America
Stephanie Faecher Léonce Ndikumana Role of Multinational Corporations in the Zambian Extractive Sector 
Robert Flanagan Jim Boyce, Michael Ash Air Quality Co-Benefits of CO2 Emission Reductions: Evidence from the U.S., 1990-2011
Joshua Franklin Dania Francis Understanding the Role of Residency Requirements in Today's Cities
Lauren Humphreys David Kotz Analyzing the Causes of Stagnation of the U.S. Economy Since 2008
Shannon Kelly Michael Ash Tracking Center-Left Parties of Advanced Economies: 1975-2015
Ritika Kumar Marta Murray-Close Relationship Between Life Goals and Region of Origin of New Ph.D. Economists
Dhrithi Narasimhan Ina Ganguli Effects of the "Megagrant" Program for Science in Russia
Joseph Newton Peter Spiegler Did the States Pocket the Obama-Stimulus Money? Lessons from Cross-Section Regression and Interviews with State Officials
Taylor Smith Michael Ash Tracking Center-Left Parties of Advanced Economies: 1975-2015
Robert Snow Marta Murray-Close Relationship Between Life Goals and Region of Origin of New Ph.D. Economists
Robert Snow Léonce Ndikumana The Origins and Impacts of Capital Flight from Nigeria's Oil Sector
Anna Watzker Michael Ash Tracking Center-Left Parties of Advanced Economies: 1975-2015
Mitchell Williams Jim Boyce Swiss Carbon Emissions Policy
Yanyi Zheng Lee Badgett The Economic Cost of LGBT Exclusion: A Case Study in the Philippines