Economics New Student Information


Congratulations! We are excited that you will be joining us at the University of Massachusetts and would like to welcome you to the Economics program.


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New Student Orientation and Transitions

Step One: Complete the Guide to the U

  • Guide to the U is a series of self-paced, online modules that introduces new students and their families to the university: its community, resources, values, and expectations.
  • Visit
  • Click the student log-in link  
  • Enter your UMass email address and password (your Net


Step Two: Register for Ready for the U

  • Ready for the U is your opportunity to engage with the university: its community, resources, values, and expectations before the semester starts. All new students actively participate in a Ready for the U experience, either online or on campus.
  • Ready for the U sessions take place between June 13 and July 22. When you log in to the registration site, a variety of dates will be available for you to select based on your student type (First-Year, Stockbridge, MassTransfer, or Transfer) and your academic school or college within the university.
  • Ready for the U registration is now open.

Step Three: Register for classes

  • Coming to a large university like UMass means that you will have access to a wide variety of interesting classes, and we know you are excited to pick your courses for Fall. Starting on June 7th, students who have completed the Guide to the U will receive an email invitation to schedule their appointment to register for classes.
  • To prepare, Set up and check your UMass email account regularly. This is the official mode of communication between UMass and you. The invitation will be sent to your UMass email only, and will not be sent to your private email. You should also take your Placement Assesments.
  • Advising and Registration appointments will be over Zoom and should not be scheduled for the same day as your Ready for the U experience. You will need to be logged into your UMass account to access your Zoom meeting with an advisor.
  • At least 48 hours before your appointment, complete the Pre-Advisor Questionnaire.
  • When you schedule your appointment, you will receive more information about how to prepare for it.

Step Four: Welcome to the U

  • Welcome to the U is series of immersive opportunities during the first several weeks of the semester for students to explore the university its community, resources, values, and expectations through social events, community building, and leadership opportunities.
  • Welcome to the U takes place September 1 - 30, 2022.


Introduction to the Economics Department

Not an Econ major yet?  


International Students

International students should visit the International Student Orientation (ISO) website for information on maintaining student visas, obtaining a social security number and other documents and regulations.

Sample Class Schedules


  • There are no specific requirements for laptops or tablets for Economic majors. We recommend whichever works best for your budget and comfort level.


Amherst Community

  • The Amherst Chamber of Commerce has a web page designed especially for people new to the area. There is information on local restaurants, shopping, housing, and recreation, as well as maps.
  • The Amherst Business Improvement District (BID) is a nonprofit economic development organization comprised of local property owners dedicated to providing programs and services that serve the town’s residents and businesses.