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Economics courses are offered in a wide range of topics including political economy, development, government (macroeconomic and microeconomic policy), business and finance, and co-operative businesses.

Note that we offer several on line courses each fall, winter, spring and summer for those of you who commute, live away from Amherst each summer or attend another college or university. Visit the Econline tab of our Department website and UMass University+ website to learn about costs, financial aid and how to enroll!

Due to high demand, enrollment in some face to face Economics courses during fall and spring semesters is temporarily restricted to primary majors in Economics to ensure that these students are able to satisfy critical major requirements.

In general, our 205 level and above Econ courses are restricted to Primary Econ Majors until only until our own primary major Juniors can enroll, and our Econ 203 and 204 courses are restricted to Primary Econ Majors only until after our own Sophomores enroll. This only entails a short wait after enrollment starts (usually of a week to two weeks) for Econ Second Majors, Econ Minors and other students.

Economics IE courses are closed to non-primary majors until the first day of classes each semester, then available to other students only if seats are still available once classes start.

Economics 365 Writing in Economics (Junior Year Writing) is always restricted to Econ Primary majors only.