Advising for Declared Economics Majors and Minors

Students who have already declared Economics majors and minors may schedule appointments with Economics advisors by clicking on the "Make an Advising Appointment" button to the left.  We highly recommend that students enter a few notes on the purpose of your appointment before you confirm it. Students planning to declare a major or minor in Economics must follow the instructions on the Economics Admissions web page and book an appointment for an "Economics Info Session" using the "Make an Advising Appointment" button to the left.

Drop-in advising is available only during the times specified below each advisor's contact information below, and only during the Fall and Spring semesters.

For study abroad or transfer course approvals, help with Economics Independent Studies, questions about the Certificate in Applied Economics Research on Cooperative Enterprise, or questions about graduate school in Economics, please email  Valerie Voorheis,

For Internships or general study abroad questions, please email Russell Janis,

For all other Economics Major or Minor Advising:

Please schedule an appointment or email with Leah Dodson if your last name starts with any of the letters A-L.

Please schedule an appointment or email with Stephanie Brewer if your last name starts with any of the letters M-Z.

For further information on Economics Department contacts, check out our downloadable Undergraduate Resource Guide for help, or email


Leah Dodson
Academic Advisor
Student Last Names A - L

220 Crotty Hall


Stephanie Brewer
Academic Advisor
Student Last Names M - Z

218 Crotty Hall




Daniel Hamlet
Academic Advisor
221 Crotty Hall







Valerie Voorheis

Chief Undergraduate Advisor
219 Crotty Hall

Portrait of Russell Janis

 Russell Janis
 Internships Coordinator
 205 Crotty Hall


Global Education (Global Ed) Requirement Advising

The Global Education Requirement pertains only to SBS Bachelor of Arts majors who entered UMass prior to the Fall 2018 semester.

Students admitted prior to Fall 2018 whose primary major is Economics (or who are pursuing a dual degree with Economics and another major), are required to complete the 15-credit Global Ed Requirement for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS). The Global Education Requirement is managed and advised by SBS, so questions about Global Ed should be directed to an advisor in the SBS Advising Resource Center.