University COVID-19 Updatesmost Spring 2022 Economics classes will be in person, with a few medical exceptions.


Students interested in the Economics Minor can declare the minor at any time following the instructions on the Economics Admissions page. Once you complete the process, we will add the Econ Minor in progress to your Spire record.

Minor requirements do NOT show on your ARR. You are encouraged to keep track of your classes for the minor and meet with an advisor or peer if you have questions about your progress.Your Minor will be officially reviewed in the semester in which you graduate to assure you've successfully completed all requirements as listed below. You are not required to submit any additional paperwork or declarations.

Due to high demand for certain Econ courses, we cannot guarantee seats for prospective Minors in our classes, but we do offer several high demand courses often, including in Winter and Summer terms.

Minor Advising: Please visit the peer advisors' drop in hours. Peer Advising hours

View a checklist of the minor requirements (PDF)


1. ECON 103 – Intro to Microeconomics  OR  RES-ECON 102 – Intro to Resource Economics

2. ECON 104 – Intro to Macroeconomics

3. One of the following courses:
MATH 127 – Calculus for the Life and Social Sciences I
MATH 131 – Calculus I

4. One of the following courses:
MATH 128 – Calculus for the Life and Social Sciences II
MATH 132 – Calculus II
RES-ECON 212 – Intro to Stats/Social Science
STATISTC 240 – Intro to Statistics
STATISTC 501 – Meth Applied Stats
STATISTC 515 – Statistics I
PSYCH 240 – Statistics in Psychology
OIM 240 – Business Data Analysis
EDUC 240 – Introduction to Educational Statistics

5. One of the following courses:
ECON 203 – Intermediate Microeconomics  OR  RES-ECON 202 – Price Theory
ECON 204 – Intermediate Macroeconomics

6. Two additional upper level ECON courses, 3-4 credits each, numbered 200 or higher.

  • RES-ECON courses do not fulfill this requirement
  • If RES-ECON 202 is taken to count toward the Economics minor, then ECON 203 cannot also count



  • The following courses do not fulfill Economics minor requirements:  Independent Study (ECON 396, 496, 499Y, 499T or 596), Practicum (ECON 298, 398, 498, 598), ECON 365 (formerly 397W) – Writing in Economics
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 must be earned in courses applied to Economics minor requirements
  • No course required for the Economics minor may be taken Pass/Fail.
  • A minimum of two of the required ECON courses must be taken in the Department of Economics at UMass Amherst.
  • For students entering UMass Fall 2018 or later, no Econ 300 level or above course also used for your primary major requirements may also be used for the Econ Minor.  This does not apply to Econ 203 and Econ 204. Either of these courses can be used as an Econ minor upper level and simultaneously towards a different primary major.