Peter Skott

Portrait of Peter Skott
314 Crotty Hall



University of Aarhus, "cand scient oecon", July 1981

Professional Experience: 

Professor, University of Massachusetts, 2003 - present
Associate Professor and Professor, University of Aarhus, 1987 - 2003
Visiting Professor, University of Notre Dame, USA, spring 1995
Visiting Professor, EuroFaculty, Vilnius University, Lithuania, autumn 1994
Junior and Senior research fellow ("Kandidatstipendiat" and "seniorstipendiat"), University of Copenhagen, 1982-1987
Temporary lecturer, University of Copenhagen, autumn 1981

Research Interests: 

Income distribution


Macroeconomics (undergraduate and graduate)
Game theory

Professional Activities: 

  • Associate editor, Review of Behavioral Economics, 2013-
  • Editorial board, Revista de EconomiA (the journal of the Brazilian Association of Economics), 2013-
  • Editorial board, Post Keynesian Review, 2013-
  • Board of Directors, Eastern Economic Association, 2007-2010
  • Associate editor, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2002-2011
  • Editorial board, Metroeconomica, 2004-
  • Editorial board, International Papers in Political Economy, 1993-
  • Editorial board, Economic Issues, 1990-
  • Editorial board, Dynamic Economic Theory, 1998-2010
  • Corresponding editor, Capital and Class, 1988-1992
  • Editorial board, Review of Political Economy, 1991-95

Selected Publications: 

"Theoretical and empirical shortcomings of the Kaleckian investment function". Metroeconomica, 2012, Vol. 63, pp. 109-138.

"The Real Exchange Rate and Economic Development" With Arslan Razmi and Martin Rapetti. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics,  2012, Vol. 23, 151-169.

"An empirical evaluation of three post Keynesian models" With Ben Zipperer. Intervention – European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies, 2012, Vol.  9(2), pp. 277-308.

"Employment and Distribution Effects of the Minimum Wage" With Fabian Slonimczyk. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2012, Vol. 84 (1), pp. 245– 264.

"Public debt and full employment in a stock-flow consistent model of a corporate economy" With Soon Ryoo. Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 2013, Vol 35(4), pp. 511-527.

"Distributional biases in the analysis of climate change" With Leila Davis. Ecological Economics, 2013, 85, pp. 188–197

"Power, luck and ideology - technological and institutional parameters of the agency problem for CEOs" With Frederick Guy. Review of Radical Political Economics, 2013, 45(3), pp. 323-332.

"Pluralism, the Lucas critique, and the integration of macroeconomics and microeconomics" Review of Political Economy, 2014,  26 (4), pp. 503-515.

"Public debt in an OLG model with imperfect competition: long-run effects of austerity programs and changes in the growth rate ' With Soon Ryoo. BE Press Journal of Macroeconomics, 2014, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 533-552.

"Growth cycles and price flexibility" Review of Keynesian Economics, 2015, 3(3), pp. 374-386.

"Public debt, secular stagnation and functional finance" In Mogens O. Madsen and Finn Olesen (eds) Macroeconomics After the Financial Crisis, Routledge, forthcoming.