Working Papers

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File# Author(s) Title
13 Deepankar Basu
Ramaa Vasudevan
Global Value Chains and Unequal Exchange: Market Power and Monopoly Power
12 Thomas R. Michl
Hyun Woong Park
11 Daniele Girardi
10 Deepankar Basu Bounding Sets for Treatment Effects with Proportional Selection
Mateo Hoyos
Emiliano Libman
Arslan Razmi
The Structural Outcomes of Investment Surges
08 Peter Skott Inflation in Developing Economies
Daniele Girardi
Sai Madhurika Mamunuru
Simon D. Halliday
Samuel Bowles
Leila Davis
Joao de Souza
Churning and Profitability in the U.S. Corporate Sector
05 Deepankar Basu Bias-Adjusted Treatment Effects Under Equal Selection
04 Amal Ahmad Land for peace? Israel-Palestine through the lens of game theory
03 Amal Ahmad Imperfect Information and Learning: Evidence from Cotton Cultivation in Pakistan
Isabella M. Weber
Gregor Semieniuk
Tom Westland
Junshang Liang
What You Exported Matters: Persistence in Productive Capabilities across Two Eras of Globalization
Deepankar Basu
Cameron Haas
Athanasios Moraitis
What is the Impact of an Intensification of Labour on the Rate and Form of Exploitation?
14 Deepankar Basu Exploitation of Labour or Exploitation of Commodities?
13 Deepankar Basu Marx's Theory of Ground-Rent: A Suggested Reformulation
12 Peter Skott
Júlio Fernando Costa Santos
José Luís da Costa Oreiro
Fiscal Policy, the Sraffian Supermultiplier and Functional Finance
11 Peter Skott Fiscal policy and structural transformation in developing economies
10 Karmen Naidoo
Léonce NdikumanaExploitation of Labour or Exploitation of Commodities
Unit Labor Costs and Manufacturing Sector Performance in Africa
09 Adam Aboobaker 
Esra Nur Ugurlu
Weaknesses of MMT as a Guide to Development Policy
08 Guilherme Klein Martins?
Peter Skott
Sources of inflation and the effects of balanced budgets and inflation targeting in developing economies
07 Deepankar Basu Can Commodities be Substances of Value?
06 Firat Demir
Arslan Razmi
05 Raphael Gouvêa Large devaluations and inflation inequality: evidence from Brazil
04 Arslan Razmi Some Short-run Macroeconomic Considerations as Society Deals with a Once-in-Generations Pandemic
03 Deepankar Basu
Manya Budhiraja
What to Make of the Kaldor-Verdoorn Law?
02 Hyun Woong Park A Marxian Model of Market for Money Capital: Profit Rate, Interest Rate, and Leverage Ratio
01 Deepankar Basu Revisiting India’s Growth Transitions
25 Naoki Yoshihara
Roberto Veneziani
Technical progress, capital accumulation, and distribution
24 Manfred Kerber
Colin Rowat
Naoki Yoshihara
Asymmetric majority pillage games
23 Yongsheng Xu
Naoki Yoshihara
Efficiency invites Divide and Coercion in the Age of Increasing Returns to Scale
22 Yongsheng Xu
Naoki Yoshihara
Does dynamic market competition with technological innovation leave no one behind?
21 Peter Skott Aggregate demand policy in mature and dual economies
20 Arslan Razmi Capital inflows, sustained investment surges, and the role of external economies of scale in a developing economy
19 Arslan Razmi Walking the Tightrope of Real Exchange Rate Policy for Development: the Roles of Targets, Instruments, and Saving Rates
18 Gregor Semieniuk 
Isabella Weber
Inequality in Energy Consumption: Statistical Equilibrium or a Question of Accounting Conventions?
17 Diego Polanco The Profit Rate in Chile: 1900-2010
16 Kartik Misra
15 Weikai Chen Technical Change, Income Distribution, and Profitability in Multisector Linear Economies
14 Deepankar Basu Dominance of Majoritarian Politics and Hate Crimes Against Religious Minorities in India, 2009–2018
13 Kartik Misra
12 Leonce Ndikumana
Mare Sarr
Capital Flight, Foreign Direct Investment and Natural Resources in Africa
11 Adam Aboobaker Disarticulation as a Constraint to Wage-led Growth in Dual Economies
10 Weikai Chen
Naoki Yoshihara
09 Kartik Misra
Deepankar Basu
Leila Gautham
What is the Impact of an Exogenous Shock to the Wage Share? VAR Results for the US Economy, 1973–2018  
07 Didier Wayoro
Leonce Ndikumana
06 Raphael Gouvea
Daniele Girardi
05 Soh Kaneko
Naoki Yoshihara
04 Naoki Yoshihara
Se Ho Kwak
03 Surbhi Kesar
02 Emilio Carnevali
Matteo Deleidi
Riccardo Pariboni
Marco Veronese Passarella
01 Deepankar Basu
21 Ina Ganguli
Marieke Huysentruyt
Chloé Le Coq
20 Alex Coram
19 Deepankar Basu
18 Daniele Girardi
Riccardo Pariboni
17 Stefano Di Bucchianico
16 Deepankar Basu
15 Hyun Woong Park
Dong–Min Rieu
14 Arslan Razmi
13 Arslan Razmi
12 Arslan Razmi
11 Daniele Girardi
Riccardo Pariboni
10 Debarshi Das
09 Deepankar Basu
08 Daniele Girardi
07 Dong–Min Rieu
Hyun Woong Park
Unproductive Activities and the Rate of Surplus Value at the Industry Level in Korea, 1995–2015
06 Deepankar Basu Does the Steindl-Dutt Investment Function Rule Out Profit-Led Expansion?
05 Raymond Caraher
Michael Ash
Genetic Diversity and Economic Development: Assessing the Key Findings in Ashraf and Galor (2013)
04 Deepankar Basu Marx's Analysis of Ground-Rent: Theory, Examples and Applications
03 Peter Skott Challenges for Post-Keynesian Macroeconomics
02 Deepankar Basu An Approach to the Problem of Employment in India
01 Noe Wiener Measuring Labor Market Segmentation from Incomplete Data
21 Deepankar Basu A Unified Marxist Approach to Accumulation and Crisis in Capitalist Economies
20 Alex Coram Production and distribution in political-economic systems: a non-atomic game
19 Daniele Girardi
Samuel Bowles
Institutional shocks and economic outcomes: Allende’s election, Pinochet’s coup and the Santiago stock market
18 Katherine A. Moos Neoliberal Redistributive Policy: The U.S. Net Social Wage in the 21st Century
17 Katherine A. Moos The Political Economy of State Regulation: The Case of the English Factory Acts
16 Reiko Gotoh
Naoki Yoshihara
Securing Basic Well-being for All
15 Michele Lombardi
Naoki Yoshihara
Partially-honest Nash Implementation: a Full Characterization
14 Naoki Yoshihara
Roberto Veneziani
The Measurement of Labour Content: a General Approach
13 Peter Skott
Leopoldo Gómez-Ramírez
Credit Constraints and Economic Growth in a Dual Economy
12 Deepankar Basu The Structure and Content of Das Kapital
11 Arslan Razmi Is planet Earth as a whole likely to be wage-led?
10 Michael Ash
Deepankar Basu
Arindrajit Dube
Public Debt and Growth: An Assessment of Key Findings on Causality and Thresholds
09 Emiliano Libman
​Juan Antonio Montecino
Arslan Razmi
Sustained Investment Surges
08 Leila E. Davis
Joao Paulo A. De Souza
Gonzalo Hernandez
An empirical analysis of Minsky regimes in the US economy
07 Michele Lombardi
Naoki Yoshihara
Treading a fine line: (Im)possibilities for Nash implementation with partiallyhonest individuals
06 Naoki Yoshihara Comments on "Full Industry Equilibrium: A Theory of the Industrial Long Run" by Arrigo Opocher and Ian Steedman
05 Michele Lombardi
Naoki Yoshihara
Natural implementation with semiresponsible agents in pure exchange economies
04 Roberto Veneziani
Naoki Yoshihara
The theory of exploitation as the unequal exchange of labour
03 Daniele Girardi Old and new formulations of the neoclassical theory of aggregate investment: a critical review
02 Cem Oyvat
​Mwangi wa Gĩthĩnji
Migration in Kenya: Beyond Harris-Todaro
01 Anirban Karak
​Deepankar Basu
Profitability or Industrial Relations: What Explains Manufacturing Performance Across Indian States?
17 Soon Ryoo Top Income Shares and Aggregate Wealth-Income Ratio in a TwoClass Corporate Economy
16 Peter Skott Autonomous demand, Harrodian instability and the supply side
15 Deepankar Basu Long Waves of Capitalist Development: An Empirical Investigation
14 Biung-Ghi Ju
Juan D. Moreno-Ternero
Entitlement theory of justice and end-state fairness in the allocation of goods
13 Mark Paul Farmer Perspectives on Livelihoods Within Community Supported Agriculture
12 Dunia López-Pintado Influence networks and public goods
11 Tyler Hansen
Jared Rand
Self-Employed Tutor Pricing Model
10 Biung-Ghi Ju
​Juan D. Moreno-Ternero
Fair Allocation of Disputed Properties
09 Alfredo R. Rosete Property, Possession, Incorporation: Another Look at Agribusiness Venture Agreements in the Philippines
08 Peter Skott Weaknesses of 'wage-led growth'
07 Roberto Veneziani
​Naoki Yoshihara
Globalisation and Inequality: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model of Unequal Exchange
06 Naoki Yoshihara A Progress Report on Marxian Economic Theory: On the Controversies in Exploitation Theory since Okishio (1963)
05 Kazuhiro Kurose
Naoki Yoshihara​
The Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson Model and the Cambridge Capital Controversies
04 Naoki Yoshihara
​Soh Kaneko
On the Existence and Characterization of Unequal Exchange in the Free Trade
03 Michael Ash
James K. Boyce
Assessing the jobs-environment relationship with matched data from US EEOC and US EPA
02 Peter Skott
01 ​Deepankar Basu
Debarshi Das
Kartik Misra
Farmer Suicides in India: Levels and Trends across Major States, 1995-2011
19 Andrew J. Barenberg
​Deepankar Basu
Ceren Soylu
The Effect of Public Health Expenditure on Infant Mortality: Evidence from a Panel of Indian States, 1983-84 to 2011-12
18 Deepankar Basu Asymptotic Bias of OLS in the Presence of Reverse Causality
17 Alfredo R. Rosete Expropriation and the Location of Farmland Investment: a theoretical investigation into the Land Rush
16 Arslan Razmi Growth and Distribution in Low Income Economies: Modifying Post Keynesian Analysis in Light of Theory and History
15 Soon Ryoo
​Peter Skott
Fiscal and monetary policy rules in an unstable economy
14 Deepankar Basu
​Debarshi Das
Profitability and Investment: Evidence from India’s Organized Manufacturing Sector
13 Peter Skott
​Soon Ryoo
Functional finance and intergenerational distribution in a Keynesian OLG model
12 Peter Skott Public debt, secular stagnation and functional finance
11 Arslan Razmi Does the demand regime matter over the medium run? Revisiting distributional issues in a portfolio framework under different exchange rate regimes
10 Deepankar Basu
Debarshi Das
Service Sector Growth in India: A View from Households
09 Soon Ryoo Inequality of income and wealth in the long run: A Kaldorian perspective
08 Soon Ryoo Household debt and housing bubble: A Minskian approach to boom-bust cycles
07 Deepankar Basu
​Debarshi Das
Employment Elasticity in India and the U.S., 1977-2011: A Sectoral Decomposition Analysis
06 Amit Basole
​Deepankar Basu
Non-Food Expenditures and Consumption Inequality in India
05 Deepankar Basu A Selective Review of Recent Quantitative Empirical Research in Marxist Political Economy
04 Deepankar Basu
​Debarshi Das
Profitability in India's Organized Manufacturing Sector: The Role of Technology, Distribution, and Demand
03 Peter Skott Growth cycles with or without price flexibility
02 Juan Antonio Montecino Capital controls and the real exchange rate: Do controls promote disequilibria?
01 Arslan Razmi      The limits to wage-led growth in a low-income economy
14 Jonathan F. Cogliano
Roberto Veneziani
​Naoki Yoshihara
The Dynamics of Exploitation and Class in Accumulation Economies
13 Hyeon-Kyeong Kim
Peter Skott
Labor market reform and wage inequality in Korea
12 Naoki Yoshihara A Progressive Report on Marxian Economic Theory: On the Controversies in Exploitation Theory since Okishio (1963)
11 Joao Paulo A. de Souza Growth Complementarity Between Agriculture and Industry: Evidence from a Panel of Developing Countries
10 Roberto Veneziani
Naoki Yoshihara
One million miles to go: taking the axiomatic road to defining exploitation
09 Michele Lombardi
Naoki Yoshihara
Natural implementation with partially-honest agents in economic environments with free-disposal
08 Kazuhiro Kurose
Naoki Yoshihara     
On the Ricardian Invariable Measure of Value: The General Possibility of the Standard Commodity
07 Arslan Razmi
06 Deepankar Basu
Kartik Misra
BJP's Demographic Dividend in the 2014 General Elections: An Empirical Analysis
05 Deepankar Basu
Debarshi Das
Social Hierarchies and Public Distribution of Food in Rural India
04 Amit Basole
Deepankar Basu
Rajesh Bhattacharya
Determinants and Impact of Subcontracting: Evidence from India's Informal Manufacturing Sector
03 Joao Paulo A. de Souza Real Wages and Labor-saving Technical Change: Evidence from a Panel of Manufacturing Industries in Mature and Labor-surplus Economies
02 Anders Fremstad Gains from Sharing: Sticky Norms, Endogenous Preferences, and the Economics of Shareable Goods
01 Marco Mariotti
Roberto Veneziani
The Liberal Ethics of Non-Interference and the Pareto Principle
13 Kazuhiro Kurose
Naoki Yoshihara
On the Ricardian Invariable Measure of Value in General Convex Economies: Applicability of the Standard Commodity
12 Arslan Razmi Correctly Analyzing the Balance of Payments Constraint on Growth
11 Martin Rapetti The Real Exchange Rate and Economic Growth: Some Observations on the Possible Channels
10 Peter Skott
Soon Ryoo
Public debt in an OLG model with imperfect competition: long-run effects of austerity programs and changes in the growth rate
09 Frederick Guy
Peter Skott
Technology, power and the political economy of inequality
08 Leila E. Davis Financialization and the nonfinancial corporation: an investigation of firm-level investment behavior in the U.S., 1971-2011
07 Michele Lombardi
Kaname Miyagishima
Roberto Veneziani
Liberal Egalitarianism and the Harm Principle
06 Carlo V. Fiorio
Simon Mohun
Roberto Veneziani
Social Democracy and Distributive Conflict in the UK, 1950-2010
05 Naoki Yoshihara
Roberto Veneziani
The Measurement of Labour Content: A General Approach
04 Alyssa Schneebaum Motherhood and the Lesbian Wage Premium
03 Arslan Razmi Accumulation, Structural Change, and External Balances in a World with Internationally Traded Environmental Assets
02 Arslan Razmi Environmental Macroeconomics: Simple Stylized Frameworks for Short-Run Analysis
01 Peter Skott
Frederick Guy
Power, Luck and Ideology in a Model of Executive Pay
11 Deepankar Basu Replacement versus Historical Cost Profit Rates: What is the difference?  When does it matter?
09 Marco Mariotti
Roberto Veneziani
Opportunities as Chances: Maximising the Probability that Everybody Succeeds
08 Mwangi wa Githinji Erasing Class/ (re)Creating Ethnicity: Jobs, Politics, Accumulation and Identity in Kenya
07 Deepanker Basu
Amit Basole
The Calorie Consumption Puzzle in India: An Empirical Investigation
06 Peter Skott
Martin Rapetti
Arslan Razmi
Real Exchange Rates and the Long-run Effects of Aggregate Demand in Economies with Underemployment
05 Fabian Slonimczyk
Peter Skott
Employment and Distribution Effects of the Minimum Wage
04 Peter Skott Pluralism, the Lucas critique, and the integration of macro and micro
03 Deepankar Basu The Reserve Army of Labour in the Postwar U.S. Economy: Some Stock and Flow Estimates
02 Deepankar Basu
Ying Chen
Jong-seok Oh
Class Struggle and Economic Flactuations: VAR Analysis of the post-War U.S. Economy
01 Charalampos Konstantinidis Assessing the Rise of Organic Farming in the European Union: Environmental and Socio-economic Consequences
32 Deepankar Basu
Ramaa Vasudevan
Technology, Distribution and the Rate of Profit in the US Economy: Understanding the Current Crisis
31 Mwangi wa Githinji
Charalampos Konstantinidis
Andrew Barenberg
Small and as Productive : Female Headed Households and the Inverse Relationship between Land Size and Output in Kenya
30 Mwangi wa Githinji Land, Poverty and Human Development in Kenya
29 Gonzalo Hernandez
Arslan Razmi
Can Asia Sustain an Export-Led Growth Strategy in the Aftermath of the Global Crisis? An Empirical Exploration
28 Arslan Razmi Imposing a balance of payment constraint on the Kaldorian model of cumulative causation
27 Deepankar Basu Relative mortality improvements as a marker of socio-economic inequality across the developing world, 1990-2009
26 Soon Ryoo
Peter Skott
Public debt and full employment in a stock-flow consistent model of a corporate economy
25 Peter Skott
Soon Ryoo
Public debt in an OLG model with imperfect competition
24 Peter Skott
Leila Davis
Positional goods, climate change and the social returns to investment
23 Peter Skott Heterodox macro after the crisis
22 Peter Skott
Leila Davis
Distributional biases in the analysis of climate change
21 Peter Skott Business cycles
20 Peter Skott Increasing inequality and financial instability
19 Mwangi wa Githinji
Frank Holmquist
Transparency without Accountability
18 Mwangi wa Githinji
Olugbenga Adesida
Industrialization, Exports and the Developmental State in Africa: The Case for Transformation
17 James Crotty The Great Austerity War: What Caused the Deficit Crisis and Who Should Pay to Fix It?
16 Jed Devaro
Fidan Ana Kurtulus
What Types of Organizations Benefit From Teams, and How Do They Benefit?
15 Fidan Ana Kurtulus
Douglas Kruse
Joseph Blasi
Worker Attitudes Towards Employee Ownership, Profit Sharing and Variable Pay
14 Fidan Ana Kurtulus
Donald Tomaskovic-Devey
Do Women Top Managers Help Women Advance? A Panel Study Using EEO-1 Records
13 Jed Devaro
Fidan Ana Kurtulus
An Empirical Analysis of Risk, Incentives and The Delegation of Worker Authority
12 Deepankar Basu Comparative Growth Dynamics in a Discrete-time Marxian Circuit of Capital Model
11 Fidan Ana Kurtulus What Types of Diversity Benefit Workers? Empirical Evidence on the Effects of Co-Worker Dissimilarity on the Performance of Employees
10 Fidan Ana Kurtulus
Douglas Kruse
Joseph Blasi
An Empirical Analysis of Risk Preferences, Compensation Risk, and Employee Outcomes
09 Martin Rapetti Macroeconomic Policy Coordination in a Competitive Real Exchange Rate Strategy for Development
08 Arslan Razmi
Martin Rapetti
Peter Skott
The Real Exchange Rate and Economic Development
07 Martin Rapetti
Peter Skott
Arslan Razmi
The Real Exchange Rate and Economic Growth: Are Developing Countries Different?
06 Owen Thompson The Returns to Skill and Racial Difference in Parenting: Evidence from the Civil Rights Movement
05 James Crotty The Realism of Assumptions Does Matter:  Why Keynes-Minsky Theory Must Replace Efficient Market Theory as the Guide to Financial Regulation Policy
04 Gonzalo Hernandez Terms of Trade and Output Fluctuations in Columbia
03 Depankar Basu
Duncan K. Foley
Dynamics of Output and Employment in the U.S. Economy
02 Owen Thompson Racial Disparities in the Cognition-Health Relationship
01 Amit Basole

Deepankar Basu
Relations of Production and Modes of Surplus Extraction in India
13 Paola Manzini
Marco Mariotti
Roberto Veneziani
Intergenerational Justice in the Hobbesian State of Nature
12 Roberto Veneziani
Naoki Yoshihara
Exploitation and Profits: A General Axiomatic Approach in Convex Economies with Heterogeneous Agents
11 Peter Flaschel
Reiner Franke
Roberto Veneziani
Labor Productivity and the Law of Decreasing Labor Content
10 Amitava Krishna Dutt
Roberto Veneziani
A Classical-Marxian Model Of Education, Growth And Distribution
09 Peter Skott Labor Heterogeneity, Inequality and Institutional Change
08 Peter Skott
Ben Zipperer
An Empirical Evaluation of Three Post Keynesian Models
07 Peter Skott The Great Detour
06 Arslan Razmi The Exchange Rate, Diversification, and Distribution in a Modified Ricardian Model with a Continuum of Goods
05 Michael Ash
James K. Boyce
Grace Chang
Helen Scharber
Is Environmental Justice Good for White Folks?
04 Deepankar Basu
Panayiotis T. Manolakos
Is There a Tendency for the Rate of Profit to Fall?  Econometric Evidence for the U.S. Economy, 1948-2007
03 Fabian Slonimczyk
Peter Skott
Employment and Distribution Effects of the Minimum Wage
02 Ben Zipperer
Peter Skott
Cyclical Patterns of Employment, Utilization and Profitability
01 Roberto Frenkel
Martin Rapetti
A Concise History of Exchange Rate Regimes in Latin American
14 Deepankar Basu The Paradox of Thrift and Crowding-In of Private Investment in a Simple IS-LM Model
13 James Crotty The Bonus-Driven "Rainmaker" Financial Firm: How These Firms Enrich Top Employees, Destroy Shareholder Value and Create System Financial Instability
12 Amit Basol
Deepankar Basu
Relations of Production and Modes of Surplus Extraction in India: An Aggregate Study
11 Samuel Bowles
Sandra Polania Reyes
Economic Incentives and Social Preferences:  A Preference-Based Lucas Critique of Public Policy
10 Arslan Razmi Exploring the Robustness of the Balance of Payments - Constrained Growth Idea in a Multiple Good Framework
09 Arslan Razmi Must Improved Labor Standards Hurt Accumulation in the Targeted Sector?  Stylized Analysis of a Developing Economy
08 Marianna Belloc
Samuel Bowles
International Trade, Factor Mobility and the Persistence of Cultural-Institutional Diversity
07 Arslan Razmi
Martin Rapetti
Peter Skott
The Real Exchange Rate as an Instrument of Development Policy
06 Deepankar Basu Son Preference, Sex Selection and the Problem of Missing Women in India
05 Sung-Ha Hwang Larger Groups May Alleviate Collective Action Problems
04 Sung-Ha Hwang Contest Success Functions: Theory and Evidence
03 Soon Ryoo Long Waves and Short Cycles in a Model of Endogenous Financial Fragility
02 Arslan Razmi Bretton Woods II and the Emerging Economies: Lazarus, Phoenix, or Humpty Dumpty?
01 Bill Gibson The Structuralist Growth Model
16 Michael Ash
James K. Boyce
Measuring Corporate Environmental Justice Performance
15 James Crotty
Gerald Epstein
Proposals for Effectively Regulating the U.S. Financial System to Avoid Yet Another Meltdown
14 James Crotty Structural Causes of the Global Financial Crisis: A Critical Assessment of the 'New Financial Architecture'
13 Sung-Ha Hwang
Samuel Bowles
Is Altruism Bad for Cooperation?
12 Peter Skott Growth, Instability and Cycles: Harrodian and Kaleckian Models of Accumulation and Income Distribution
11 Peter Skott Theoretical and Empirical Shortcomings of the Kaleckian Investment Function
10 Arslan Razmi Must Improved Labor Standards Hurt Accumulation in an Open Developing Economy?  A Structuralist Analysis of the Cambodian Case
09 Arslan Razmi Is the Chinese Investment- and Export-Led Growth Model Sustainable?  Some Rising Concerns
08 Mina Baliamoune-Lutz
Leonce Ndikumana
Corruption and Growth: Exploring the Investment Channel
07 Woojin Lee Bandwagon, Underdog, and Political Competition: The Uni-dimensional Case
06 Samuel Bowles
Sung-Ha Hwang
Social Preferences and Public Economics: Mechanism Design When Social Preferences Depend on Incentives
05 Soon Ryoo
Peter Skott
Financialization in Kaleckian Economies With and Without Labor Constraints
04 Alex Coram Social Choice and Information: A Note on the Calculus of Mappings from Utility Spaces
03 Bill Gibson Keynesian and Neoclassical Closures in an Agent-Based Context
02 Bill Gibson The Current Macroeconomic Crisis
01 Alex Coram The Dynamics of Resource Spending in a Competition Between Political Parties: General Notes on the Red Queen Effect
13 Leonce Ndikumana
Sher Verick
The Linkages between FDI and Domestic Investment: Unravelling the Development Impact of Foreign Investment
12 Adam Elhiraika
Leonce Ndikumana
Reserves Accumulation in African Countries: Sources, Motivations, and Effects
11 Frederick Guy
Peter Skott
Information and Communications Technologies, Coordination and Control, and the Distribution of Income
10 Bill Gibson A Multi-Agent Systems Approach to Microeconomic Foundations of Macro
09 James K. Boyce Public Finance, Aid and Post-Conflict Recovery
08 Peter Skott
Soon Ryoo
Macroeconomic Implications of Financialization
07 Stephen Resnick
Richard Wolff
The Class Analysis of Households Extended:  Children, Fathers, and Family Budgets
06 Arslan Razmi Integration, Informalization, and Income Inequality in Developing Countries: Some General Equilibrium Explorations in Light of Accumulating Evidence
05 Mina Baliamoune-Lutz
Leonce Ndikumana
The Growth Effects of Openness to Trade and the Role of Institutions:  New Evidence from African Countries
04 Samuel Bowles Social Preferences and Public Economics:  Are Good Laws a Substitute for Good Citizens?
03 Samuel Bowles
Herbert Gintis
02 Frederick Guy
Peter Skott
Power, Productivity and Profits
01 James Heintz
Fabian Slonimczyk
Beyond Dualism: Multisegmented Labor Markets in Ghana
09 Alex Coram Social Choice with a Continuous Ordering Function
08 Alex Coram
Lyle Noakes
Relative Advantage, Queue Jumping, and Welfare Maximizing Wealth Distribution
07 Alex Coram An Asymmetric Dynamic Struggle Between Pirates and Producers
06 Sanjiv Gupta
Michael Ash
Whose Money, Whose Time?  A Nonparametric Approach to Modeling Time Spent on Housework
05 Arslan Razmi Pursuing Manufacturing-Based Export-Led Growth: Are Developing Countries Increasingly Crowding Each Other Out?
04 Takeshi Nakatani
Peter Skott
Japanese Growth and Stagnation: A Keynesian Perspective
03 Arslan Razmi Aspects of Informalization and Income Distribution in Developing Countries:  A Modified Specific Factors Approach
02 Samuel Bowles
Rajiv Sethi
Social Segregation and the Dynamics of Group Inequality
01 Carol E. Heim Border Wars: Tax Revenues, Annexation, and Urban Growth in Phoenix
18 Robert A. Blecker
Arslan Razmi
Price Competition and the Fallacy of Composition in Developing Country Exports of Manufactures: Estimates of Short-Run Growth Effects
17 Frederick Guy
Peter Skott
Power-Biased Technological Change and the Rise in Earnings Inequality
16 Donald Katzner
Mikhail J. Nikomarvo
Exercises in Futility: Post-War Automobile-Trade Negotiations between Japan and the United States
15 Woojin Lee
John Roemer
Karine van der Straeten
Racism, Xenophobia, and Redistribution
14 Leonce Ndikumana Can Macroeconomic Policy Stimulate Private Investment in South Africa?  New Insights from Aggregate and Manufacturing Sector-Level Evidence
13 Leonce Ndikumana Distributional Conflict, the State, and Peace Building in Burundi
12 Toichiro Asada
Peter Flaschel
Peter Skott
Prosperity and Stagnation in Capitalist Economies
11 Amitava Krishna Dutt
Peter Skott
Keynesian Theory and the AD-AS Framework: A Reconsideration
10 Yongjin Park The Second Paycheck to Keep Up With the Joneses: Relative Income Concerns and Labor Market Decisions of Married Women
09 Arslan Razmi The Contractionary Short-Run Effects Nominal Devaluation in Developing Countries: Some Neglected Nuances
08 Woojin Lee
John Roemer
Values and Politics in the US: An Equilibrium Analysis of the 2004 Election
07 Donald W. Katzner Cultural Variation in the Theory of the Firm
06 Peter Skott Wage Inequality and Overeducation in a Model with Efficiency Wages
05 Arslan Razmi Balance of Payments Constrained Growth Model: The Case of India
04 David Kotz The Role of the State in Economic Transformation: Comparing the Transition Experiences of Russia and China (revised version)
03 Arslan Razmi The Effects of Export-Oriented, FDI-Friendly Policies on the Balance of Payments in a Developing Economy: A General Equilibrium Investigation
02 Arslan Razmi
Robert Blecker
Developing Country Exports of Manufactures: Moving Up the Ladder to Escape the Fallacy of Composition?
01 Woojin Lee Free to Move:  Migration, Tax Competition and Redistribution
15 Samuel Bowles
Arjun Jayadev
Guard Labor: An Essay in Honor of Pranab Bardhan
14 Samuel Bowles
Yongjin Park
Emulation, Inequality and Work Hours: Was Thorsten Veblen Right?
13 Michael A. Ash
M.V. Lee Badgett
Separate and Unequal: The Effect of Unequal Access to Employment-Based Health Insurance on Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual People
12 Manfred J. Holler
Peter Skott
Election campaigns, agenda setting and electoral outcomes
11 Peter Flaschel
Peter Skott
Steindlian models of growth and stagnation
10 Donald W. Katzner The Current Non-Status of General Equilibrium Theory
09 Peter Skott Mythical Ages and Methodological Strictures – Joan Robinson’s Contributions to the Theory of Economic Growth
08 Carmen Diana Deere
Rosa Luz Duran
Merrilee Mardon
Tom Masterson
Female Land Rights and Rural Household Incomes in Brazil, Paraguay and Peru
7 Richard D. Wolff Ideological State Apparatuses, Consumerism, and U.S. Capitalism: Lessons for the Left
06 Nancy Folbre
Jayoung Yoon
Kade Finnoff
Allison Sidle Fuligni
By What Measure? Family Time Devoted to Children in the U.S.
05 James K. Boyce Aid, Conditionality, and War Economies
04 Peter Skott Fairness as a Source of Hysteresis in Employment and Relative Wages
03 Peter Skott
Paul Auerbach
Wage Inequality and Skill Asymmetries
02 Donald W. Katzner
Peter Skott
Economic Explanation, Ordinality and the Adequacy of Analytic Specification
01 James K. Boyce Green and Brown? Globalization and the Environment
01 Leonce Ndikumana Financial Development, Financial Structure, and Domestic Investment:  International Evidence
02 Leonce Ndikumana
James K. Boyce
Public Debts and Private Assets: Explaining Capital Flight from Sub-Saharan African Countries 
01 Margaret C. Levenstein
Valerie Y. Suslow
What Determines Cartel Success? 
01 Simon J. Everett
Margaret C. Levenstein
Valerie Y. Suslow
International Cartel Enforcement: Lessons from the 1990s 
08 Julian R. Betts
Robert M. Costrell
Incentives and Equity Under Standards-Based Reform 
07 Samuel Bowles
Herbert Gintis
Melissa Osborne
The Determinants of Earnings: Skills, Preferences, and Schooling 
06 Samuel Bowles
Herbert Gintis
Optimal Parochialism: The Dynamics of Trust and Exclusion in Networks 
05 Samuel Bowles
Herbert Gintis
The Evolution of Strong Reciprocity 
04 Samuel Bowles
Herbert Gintis
Walrasian Economics in Retrospect 
03 Samuel Bowles
Herbert Gintis
Risk Aversion, Insurance, and the Efficiency-Equality Tradeoff 
02 Herbert Gintis Strong Reciprocity and Human Sociality 
01 James K. Boyce
Leonce Ndikumana
Is Africa a Net Creditor? New Estimates of Capital Flight from Severely Indebted Sub-Saharan African Countries, 1970-1996. 


Marx's Theory of Ground-Rent: A Suggested Reformulation