UMass Economics Job Candidates, 2019 - 2020

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Jackson Allison

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Dissertation Title:  A New Economic History of Deindustrialization: Class Conflict and Race in the Motor City | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Economic History, Political Economy, Macroeconomics

References: Gerald Friedman*, Katherine Moos, Kevin Boyle


Peter Bent

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Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Governments and Financial Crises in Developing Economies, 1870-1913 | Abstract

Fields of Concentration: Macroeconomics, Economic History, Economic Development, History of Economic Thought

References: Carol Heim*, Gerald Epstein, Kevin Young


Weikai Chen

Email | CV

Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Inequality in Microeconomics | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Political Economy, Mathematical Marxian Economics, Social Networks, Econometrics**

References: Naoki Yoshihara*, Itai Sher, Rong Rong, Samuel Bowles


Devika Dutt

Email | CV

Dissertation Title: The Political Economy of the Cost of Foreign Exchange Intervention | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  International finance and trade, Finance and Imperialism, Public-ownership of Banks, Economic Development, Macroeconomics of Developing Economies

References: Gerald Epstein*, Peter Skott, Kevin Gallagher, M.V. Lee Badgett


Eric Hoyt

Email | CV

Dissertation Title: Revisiting the Impact of Wrongful Discharge Laws on Labor Markets | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Labor Economics, Law and Economics, Economic History

References: Fidan Ana Kurtulus*, Gerald Friedman, Mary E. Davis, Eve Weinbaum


Kuochih Huang

Email | CV

Dissertation Title: Three Essays on the Economics of Corporate Governance: Executive Compensation, Workers' Wages, Investment Herding, and Workplace Democracy | Abstract

Job Market Paper:  Do Incentivized Managers Pay Their Workers Less?

Fields of Concentration:   Labor Economics, Corporate Governance, Social Economics

References: Gerald Epstein*, Ina Ganguli, Peter Skott, Kevin Young


Jonathan Donald Jenner

Email | CV

Dissertation Title:  Three Essays on Socio-Institutional Ecosystems and Trajectories of Economic Development | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Political Economy, Economic History, Development Economics

References: Mwangi wa Gĩthĩnji*, Vamsi Vakulabharanam, Johan Mathew


Danish Khan

Email | CV

Dissertation Title:  Three Essays on Political Economy of Inequality | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:   Political Economy, Economic Development, Labor, Applied Econometrics

References: Vamsi Vakulabharanam*, Michael Ash, Sripad Motiram


Se Ho Kwak

Email | CV

Dissertation Title:  Individual Decision Making Under Uncertainty in Historical Time:  Reformalization of Shackle-Katzner Decision Theory | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Decision Theory, Methodology of Economics, General Equilibrium Theory, Sraffian Economics

References: Donald Katzner*, Naoki Yoshihara, David M. Kotz, Peter Skott**


Sai Madhurika Mamunuru

Email | CV

Dissertation Title:  Essays on Women and Work in India and on Other-Regarding Preferences | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Microeconometrics, Development Economics, Behavioral Economics, Feminist Economics

References: Deepankar Basu*, Samuel Bowles, Ina Ganguli, Daniele Girardi


Kartik Misra

Email | CV

Dissertation Title:  Three Essays on the Role of Institutions in Indian Agriculture | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Development Economics, Applied Econometrics, Labor Economics and Political Economy

References:  Deepankar Basu*, James K. Boyce, Michael Ash, Lynnette Leidy Sievert


Samantha Sterba

Email | CV

Dissertation Title:  Neoliberal Capitalism and the Evolution of the U.S. Healthcare System | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Political Economy, Health Economics, U.S. Economics History and the Welfare State

References:  David Kotz*, Katherine Moos, Charles Staelin


Mihnea Tudoreanu

Email | CV

Dissertation Title:  Three Essays on the Past and Future of Socialism | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Political Economy, Comparative Economic Systems

References:  David Kotz*, Diane Flaherty, Mary Ann Clawson


Anastasia Wilson

Email | CV

Dissertation Title:  Three Essays on the Economics and Political Economy of the School-to-Prison Pipeline | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Economics of Education, Applied Microeconomics, Political Economy, Economics of Race Ethnicity and Gender

References:  Dania Francis*, Michael Ash, Kathryn McDermott


Yeo Hyub Yoon

Email | CV

Dissertation Title:  Endogenous Money, Corporate Liquidity Preferences and the Transformation of the U.S. Financial System | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Economic Growth

References:  Robert Pollin*, Gerald Epstein, Michael Ash




* Dissertation Chair/Co-Chair   ** Additional Teaching Fields