UMass Amherst Economics Job Candidates, 2023-24

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Khwlah Almutair

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Dissertation Title:  Essays on Stock Market Liberalization, Banking Stocks Volatility and Sovereign Wealth Fund

Fields of Concentration: Finance, Labor Economics, Econometrics

References: Gerald Epstein*, Leonce Ndikumana


Mohit Arora

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Dissertation Title:  Essays on Industrial Policy and Applied Macroeconomics

Fields of Concentration:  Macroeconomics and Development Economics

References: Deepankar Basu*, Peter Skott, Christopher Boone


Ihsaan Bassier

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Dissertation Title:  Employer Power: Consequences for Wages, Inequality and Spillovers | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Labor, Development

References: Arindrajit Dube*, Alan Manning, Suresh Naidu


Arpita Biswas

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Dissertation Title:  Urban Renewal or New Enclosures? Class and Gender Inequalities in the Spatial Reordering of Neoliberal Delhi

Fields of Concentration:  Development Economics, Feminist Economics, Political Economy of Urban Development

References: Vamsicharan Vakulabharanam*, Nancy Folbre, James K. Boyce, Joya Misra, Smriti Rao


April Burrage

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Dissertation Title:  Innovation Policies, Diversity, and Small High-Tech Firms: Evidence from State R&D Tax Credits and Interest in Federal Grants | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Economics of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Labor Economics

References: Ina Ganguli*, Michael Ash, Rachel Atkins, Wenting Ma


Debamanyu Das

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Dissertation Title:  Critical Minerals and the Green Transition

Fields of Concentration:  Environmental Policy, Political Economy, Economic Development, Macroeconomics

References: Robert Pollin*, Jayati Ghosh, Gerald Friedman, Kevin A. Young


Osman Keshawarz

Email | CV

Dissertation Title:  Three Essays on Urban Economics | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Policital Economy, Urban Economics, Microeconomics, Development

References: Michael Ash*, Vamsicharan Vakulabharanam, JW Mason, Catherine McCune


Se Ho Kwak

Email | CV

Dissertation Title:  Individual Decision Making under Fundamental Uncertainty

Fields of Concentration:  Decision Theory, General Equilibrium Theory, Political Economy

References:  Donald Katzner*, David Kotz, Peter Skott**, Naoki Yoshihara


Gabriel Lewis

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Dissertation Title:  Essays on Worker Voice and Bayesian Econometrics

Fields of Concentration:  Labor Economics and Econometrics

References:  Ina Ganguli*, Arin Dube, Maryclare Griffin


Aaron Medlin

Email | CV | Website

Dissertation Title:  Three Essays on International Cooperation, Central Bank Swap Lines, and Benchmark Interest Rates | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  International Finance, Macroeconomics, Political Economy, Comparative Economic Systems

References:  Gerald Epstein*, Kevin L. Young, Adam Honig, Russell Janis


Duc Hien Nguyen

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Dissertation Title:  Essays on the Economics of Genders and Sexualities | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Political Economy, Feminist Economics, Labor Economics

References:  Lee Badgett*, Katherine Moos, Joya Misra


Ricardo José Salas Díaz

Email | CV | Website

Dissertation Title:  Demystifying Central Bankers: Political Affinity, Cultural Heritage, and Technical Expertise

Fields of Concentration:  Central Banking, International Political Economy, Monetary History, Diversity, Economics of Education

References: Gerald Epstein*, Kevin Young, Katharine Sims, Juliet Johnson


* Dissertation Chair/Co-Chair   ** Additional Teaching Fields


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