UMass Amherst Economics Job Candidates, 2022-23

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Mateo Hoyos

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Dissertation Title:  Essays on International Trade and Economic Growth

Fields of Concentration:  International Trade, Economic Growth, Macroeconomic Aspects of Economic Development

References: Arslan Razmi*, Daniele Girardi, Peter Skott, Matt Woerman


Osman Keshawarz

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Dissertation Title:  Three Essays on Urban Economics | Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Policital Economy, Urban Economics, Microeconomics, Development

References: Michael Ash*, Vamsicharan Vakulabharanam, JW Mason, Catherine McCune


Se Ho Kwak

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Dissertation Title:  Individual Decision Making under Fundamental Uncertainty

Fields of Concentration:  Decision theory, General equilibrium theory, Political economy

References:  Donald Katzner*, David Kotz, Peter Skott**, Naoki Yoshihara


Anamary Maqueira Linares

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Dissertation Title:  Essays on Social Reproduction, Distribution, and the Political Economy of Paid and Unpaid Work in Selected Latin American Countries| Abstract

Fields of Concentration:  Feminist Economics, Labor Economics, Political Economy, Macroeconomics

References:  Katherine Moos*, Nancy Folbre, Ina Ganguli, Joya Misra


Duc Hien Nguyen

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Dissertation Title:  Essays on the Economics of Genders and Sexualities

Fields of Concentration:  Political Economy, Feminist Economics, Labor Economics

References:  Lee Badgett*, Katherine Moos, Joya Misra


Anamika Sen

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Dissertation Title:  Three Essays on Allocation of Costs and Benefits, Credit, and Time

Fields of Concentration:  Macroeconomics, International Finance, Economics of Gender

References:  Gerald Epstein*, Daniele Girardi, Charles Schweik, Juan Yépez Albornoz



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