The Economics Graduate Student Organization (EGSO)

Since the mid-1970's, EGSO has been advocating for graduate concerns within the Economics department. Made up of all the department's graduate students, EGSO works on issues surrounding curriculum, funding and working conditions, academic environment and community activities such as:

  • Proposing new courses, changes in requirements and comprehensive exams, and adjustments in courses and schedules.
  • Allocating teaching assistant positions among graduate students in a fair and equitable manner, as well as setting policy surrounding graduate instructor and research assistant positions.
  • Setting up seminars and workshops on a number of topics, including teaching, dissertation support, broad intellectual issues and individual research interests.
  • Helping graduate students acquaint themselves with their community, by providing information and assistance in areas such as housing, travel, and departmental and university organization.

Most importantly, EGSO provides a forum for discussion among graduate students and a vehicle for them to work together on common interests and commitments.