Conference Travel

Twice a year students are invited to apply for conference travel funding, once in early February for travel between January and June, and once in late September for travel between July and December.  Please note that if you plan to travel during either period you should apply even if your plans are not finalised. So, for example, if you have submitted an abstract for a conference and it has not been accepted yet or the deadline date is later this year, you should make an application for funding.  It is easier to reallocate funds than to find new funds if you get an acceptance later in the year.

Current UMass Economics graduate students may apply for a Conference Travel Grant by completing the Google form here:

            Application for Conference Travel Grant


1.  The Graduate School offers grants to fund pre-dissertation research, dissertation research, and dissertation fieldwork. The department will no longer fund research travel. Students interested in research funding may find more information at

2.  The department will only fund attendance to conferences where students are presenting or participation in professional development conferences if not presenting.

3.  Students will be eligible for travel funds between their third and sixth years.  Exceptional requests for funds before the third year, or after the sixth year, will be evaluated based on letters from the student and advisor attesting to the importance of the specific trip to the student’s graduate career at that particular time.

4.  The department will impose the following limits on funds.

      a. A yearly limit of $1000 per person

      b. A lifetime limit of $3000 per person

5. In each allocation period applicants will be ranked based on the following:

    a. Remaining lifetime balance with those with larger balances (representing less travel done so far) ranked at the top.

    b. Years in program (priority to older students)

    c. Number of trips previously taken

6. Funding received prior to August 2019 will not count against students' annual or lifetime limits

7. Students will be allocated 75% of request until funds are exhausted for the period.