The Economics Department has a wide variety of workshops offered throughout the Spring and Fall semesters that are open to the public. The workshop schedules are posted each semester.  Announcements are made on the home page during the week the presentation will be held.

In addition to these workshops, there are a number of working groups in the department. The seminars for these groups can be found in the Graduate Academics section.


Spring 2024 Workshop Schedule
All times are Eastern Time 


Political Economy / Economic History and Development Workshops

Date, Time, Location Speaker(s) Title
Thursday, February 22 -  4:00pm
Crotty Hall 209 & Online via Zoom
Robert Kutter After Neoliberalism
Tuesday, March 26 - 4:00pm
Crotty Hall 209 & Online via Zoom
Fred Moseley
Mount Holyoke College
Marx's Theory of Value in Chapter 1 of Capital: A Critique of Heinrich's Value Form Interpretation
Tuesday, April 9 - 4:00pm
Crotty Hall 209 & Online via Zoom
Patrick Mason
Tuesday, April 23 - 4:00pm
Crotty Hall 209 & Online via Zoom
Antonella Stirati
University of Rome
Unemployment and the wage share: a long-run exploration for major mature economies
Tuesday, April 30 - 4:00pm
Crotty Hall 209 & Online via Zoom
Melinda Cooper
Australian National University
Capital Gains and the Resurgence of Patrimonial Capitalism

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Applied Microeconomics Workshops

Please contact Chris Boone (, Arin Dube (, or Ina Ganguli ( if you have any questions.

Date, Time, Location Speaker(s) Title
Wednesday, March 13 -  4:00 pm
209 Crotty Hall
Wenting Ma, UMass Finance Access to Financing and Racial Pay Gap Inside Firms
Wednesday, March 27 -  4:00 pm
209 Crotty Hall
Nina Roussille, MIT The Race between the Labor and the Marriage Market
Wednesday, April 10 -  4:00 pm
209 Crotty Hall
Lorenzo Lagos, Brown University Labor Market Institutions and the Composition of Firm Compensation
Wednesday, April 24 -  4:00 pm
209 Crotty Hall
Jakina Debnam Guzman, Amherst College Words and Persuasion - A Mechanism for Student Peer Effects
Wednesday, May 1 -  4:00 pm
209 Crotty Hall
Sara LaLumia, Williams College Limits on State and Local Tax Deductions and Charitable Donations

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Economic Theory Workshops

All session will be on Zoom. Invitations to join each session will be sent the morning of the session. Contact Donald Katzner ( to register or with questions. When and if available, papers will be posted here.

Date, Time, Location Speaker(s) Title
Monday, February 26 - 4:00pm
Crotty Hall 209
Gilberto Lima
University of Sao Paulo
Endogenous Tax Compliance and Macroeconomic Performance Driven by Satisficing Evolutionary Dynamics
Monday, March 4 - 4:00pm
Crotty Hall 209
Leopoldo Gomez
Pontifical Catholic University
An IS-MP-PC Model for Teaching Macroeconomic Cycles in Open Developing Economies
Monday, April 1 - 4:00pm
Crotty Hall 209
Elham Saeidinezhad
Barnard College
The Art of Central Banking with Global Shadow Banks (Joint session with PERI)
Monday, April 8 - 4:00pm
Crotty Hall 209
Chris Boone
Monday, April 22 - 4:00pm
Crotty Hall 209
Peter Skott
Conflict Inflation: Keynesian Path Dependency or Marxian Cumulating?
Monday, April 29 - 4:00pm
Crotty Hall 209
Itai Sher
Deontological Costs of Exploiting non-Salient Taxes