Economics Professor Awarded Distinction by Board of Trustees

Léonce Ndikumana, Distinguished Professor of EconomicsLéonce Ndikumana, economics; Barbara A. Osborne, veterinary and animal science; and Sankaran ‘Thai’ Thayumanavan, chemistry; were appointed Distinguished Professors following approval by the Board of Trustees at its Friday, Aug. 2 meeting.


Institute for New Economic Thinking Interviews James Boyce, Emeritus Professor, on Lowering Carbon Emissions [Q&A]

James K. Boyce, emeritus professor of economicsEvery day it becomes clearer that we have to break our addiction to extracting dirty stuff from the ground to burn for energy. But how to pull it off without triggering political and economic chaos?

Economist James K. Boyce, a senior fellow at the Political Economy Research Institute of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, is the author of a new book exploring that question, The Case for Carbon Dividends.

Keynes versus the Keynesians

Crotty Hall, Economics DepartmentWhat drives economic growth and stagnation? What types of methodologies and tools do we need to accurately explain economic epochs in the past and present? What models and policy approaches can lead to prosperity for all? These questions occupied the mind of John Maynard Keynes from World War One until his death in 1946.

UMass Economics in the News

There is continued coverage of research findings by Dania Francis, economics and Afro-American studies, that between $3.7 and $6.6 billion has been lost from dispossession of black-owned agricultural land in the South. (Esquire, 8/14/19)

Kartik Misrak, PhD candidate in economics, has been accepted for publication of his paper, “Does Historical Land Inequality Attenuate the Positive Impact of India’s Employment Guarantee Program?” in the World Development today.