UMass Economics in the News

Gerald Friedman says older workers who have been pushed out of the workforce can expect some help finding work in the new, tighter job market, but they are still at a disadvantage.  “Things will get a little better, but the benefits will be limited,” for over-50 job seekers, he says. Friedman says he is “reasonably pessimistic” on the outlook for older people looking for work. “These startups want to project youth,” he says. “They have Ping-Pong tables, kids eating pizza, they work all night. They want new college graduates, or even better, people who dropped out of MIT or Harvard. The want a young-looking workforce to attract other young people.” (Globe, 8/28/18)

Gerald Epstein is interviewed about the growing U.S. economy and whether the recent tax cuts have had any visible impact on that growth. He argues that the cuts benefit the wealthy and corporations but have not benefited ordinary people. (The Real News Network, 8/27/18)