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The Buffalo Bayou Watershed, part of the Buffalo San Jacinto drainage system lies in the western portion of metropolitan Houston, Texas. The Watershed is approximately 500 square miles in size, and is located in Fort Bend, Harris and Waller Counties.

Nearly 80 percent of the Watershed is urbanized yielding a high percentage of impervious land area. Problems associated with this level of urbanization include flooding, poor water quality (due to sedimentation, stormwater and agriculture), brownfields and loss of biotic habitat. In addition, the Bayou is underutilized for recreation due to a lack of waterfront access, continuity of trails and a poor public image.

A number of revitalization initiatives have begun addressing these issues. The Buffalo Bayou Partnership, a coalition of community groups and governmental agencies, has taken leadership in developing a long range plan to upgrade the environment and economy of the Watershed and its streams. The major product of this effort to date is the Master Plan for Buffalo Bayou and Beyond, released in August, 2002 (available at the Buffalo Bayou Partnership website).

-Adapted from information provided by the Buffalo Bayou Partnership.

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