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The Ecological City: Preserving and Restoring Urban Biodiversity
Rutherford H. Platt, Rowan A. Rowntree & Pamela C. Muick, eds.
University of Massachusetts Press, 1994

About the Book
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About the Book

Interdisciplinary in content as well as approach, this collection of original essays takes a fresh look at the ecology of urban communities. Written by experts from a variety of professions --- academic researchers, private and public program managers, and citizen activists --- the book explores issues of geography, ecology, landscape architecture, urban forestry, law, and environmental education. Contributions include broad overviews of common problems as well as detailed case studies of specific programs.

The 1990 symposium on "Sustainable Cities: Preserving and Restoring Urban Biodiversity" led to the creation of this volume. Most of the papers in this book were presented at this symposium.

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The Ecological City: Introduction and Overview - Rutherford H. Platt 1

I. Perspectives on Nature in Cities

  • From Commons to Commons: Evolving Concepts of Open Space in North American Cities - Rutherford H. Platt 21
  • Design with City Nature: An Overview of Some Issues - Michael Hough 40
  • Sustainability in Urban Ecosystems: Beyond an Object of Study - Orie L. Loucks 49

II. Urbanization and Riparian/Aquatic Ecosystems

  • Sustainability of Urban Wetlands - Marjorie M. Holland and Raymond W. Prach 69
  • The Des Plaines River Wetlands Demonstration Project: Restoring an Urban Wetland - Donald L. Hey 83
  • Lake Tahoe: A Microcosm for the Study of the Impact of Urbanization on Fragil Ecosystems - Charles R. Goldman 93
  • Wetlands in the Urban Landscape of the United States - James A. Schmid 106

III. Urbanization and Terrestrial Ecosystems

  • The Deep Significance of Urban Trees and Forests - John H. Dwyer, Herbert W. Schroeder, and Paul H. Gobster 137
  • Cooling Urban Heat Islands with Sustainable Landscapes - E. Gregory McPherson 151
  • Wildflower Meadows as Sustainable Landscapes - Jack Ahern and Jestena Boughton 172
  • The Indiana Dunes: Applications of Landscape Ecology to Urban Park Management - Richard Whitman, Daniel B. Fagre, Noel B. Pavlovic, and Kenneth L. Cole 188
  • Rethinking the Urban Park: Rediscovering Urban Solutions - Annaliese Bischoff 203

IV. Collaborative Efforts

  • The Greening of Federal Flood-Control Policies: The Wildcat-San Pablo Creeks Case - Ann L. Riley 217
  • Reconciling Urban Growth and Endangered Species: The Coachella Valley Habitat Conservation Plan - Timothy Beatley 231
  • The Metropolitan Portland Urban Natural Resource Program - Joseph Poracsky and Michael C. Houck 251
  • Ecology Education for City Children - Karen S. Hollweg 268


  • Crosscutting Themes and Recommendations - Rutherford H. Platt 277
  • Notes on the Editors and Authors 287

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Please direct orders, remittance, and correspondence to: University of Massachusetts Press, Box 429, Amherst, MA 01004

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