Want to learn to speak Korean? You can complete a four-year curriculum of Korean language courses at UMass Amherst, in conjunction with the Five College Consortium.

The fundamental language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing are addressed in every Korean language course. Lower-level courses have special emphasis on speaking and listening, while content-based language classes are offered at the advanced level, including “Korean Language through Korean Literature” and “Current Issues in Korea.”

Gain a deeper understanding of the Korean language by completing the certificate in Korean. We are currently in the process of developing a major and a minor in Korean.

Opportunities for you to enjoy a variety of cultural experiences are provided through our weekly tea meetings and an annual cooking class, New Year celebration, and speech contest. 

For more information on the Korean Language Program, please contact Professor Chanyoung Park.

Gwanghwamun Gate, Seoul

Certificate in Korean

Students taking the Certificate in Korean who start from the beginning level are expected to complete 19 credits of coursework. 

A professor sits at a table full of snacks and tea with five students.

Korean Tea Time

Practice Korean & Learn Korean Culture!

Hands on a laptop. On the screen is an illustration of a bunny next to Korean text. ("Korean is fun!")

Korean Online Summer Courses

Whether you are planning to begin your Korean language study with us or are continuing on from a previous semester, we have multiple online courses available to choose from.

Korean Program Faculty

Director of Korean Studies

Chan Young Park
Chan Young Park

Lecturer of Korean

Jee Hyun Lee
Jee Hyun Lee