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Zhijun Wang received his PhD in Chinese linguistics and second Language acquisition from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has been teaching Chinese as a second language in China, Thailand and US for more than 19 years. His research interests include Chinese linguistics, Chinese language pedagogy, second language acquisition of Chinese and Chinese psycholinguistics. His book “Situation Types and Chinese Aspect Marker Le” is forthcoming. He has published on Chinese Aspect and Chinese Adjective Reduplications.

PhD in East Asian Languages and Cultures from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Certificate of Advanced Study in Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education.

Research Areas

  • Chinese linguistics: Chinese aspect, cognitive semantics, context coercion
  • Second language acquisition: language loss and attrition, lexical development, aspect acquisition
  • Language Teaching Methodology: teacher training, technology application in language teaching, vocabulary and grammar teaching
  • Chinese Psycholinguistics



Situation Types and the Chinese Aspect Marker LE, Peking University Press, (Forthcoming, 2016)

Today’s World: A Reader of Chinese News Reports, co-authored with Ying Wang & Lisha Xu, Peking University Press, (Forthcoming, 2016)


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"L2 Acquisition of Topic Structures in Mandarin Chinese," Proceedings of 25th NACCL Conference, 2013, University of Michigan, co-authored with Feng-his Liu.

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Courses Recently Taught

  • Chinese 126: Intensive Elementary Chinese I
  • Chinese 246: Intensive Elementary Chinese II
  • Chinese 433: Business Chinese
  • Chinese 580: Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
  • Chinese 581: Second Language Acquisition of Chinese