Engineering Women's Faculty Forum (e-WFF) College of Engineering

Mission Statement

The Engineering Women's Faculty Forum (e-WFF) provides mutual mentoring to female faculty at all ranks in the College of Engineering enabling it participants to navigate professional development in this competitive world. Moreover, we devise creative approaches to developing long-term relationships among female faculty and provide continuous support that will lead to a thriving academic career for all involved.

Engineering Women Faculty Group

Our goal is the development of successful engineering female faculty members in research, teaching and service. For more information contact us!


January 2023
Jessica Schiffman
September 2022
Jessica Boayke

Congratulations to Prof. Jessica Boayke on being promoted to the rank of Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering!

August 2022
Yanfei Xu

Congratulations to Prof. Yanfei Xu having her paper on State-of-the-Art Opportunities and Challenges in Bottom-up Synthesis of Polymers with High Thermal Conductivity be selcted by the Journal of Polymer Chemistry for its Emerging Investigator Series! Check out the UMass News Story.

July 2022
Kara Peterman

Congratulations to Prof. Kara Peterman on receiving tenure!

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