Engineering Women's Faculty Forum (e-WFF) College of Engineering

Specific Activities

The Engineering Women's Faculty Forum (e-WFF) organizes a variety of activities for the purposes of mentoring, networking, and professional development. These include:

  1. Monthly lunch meetings
  2. End of semester social gathering to discuss the progress made during the semester
  3. Invited speakers
  4. Supporting women graduate students in the College of Engineering

In our meetings we discuss the following topics:

  • Developing Professional Networks
    We have built a sustainable network among women faculty in the College of Engineering, working on the members’ professional development and expanding their professional network across departments and colleges.
  • Excelling at Teaching and Research
    We share teaching strategies and methods; and promoted research collaboration within the group and introduced outside resources to the members.
  • Understanding Tenure and Evaluation
    Pre-tenure faculty members seek advice about their progress toward tenure from tenured professors. Tenured faculty members who serve or have served on personnel committees are encouraged to comment on the criteria and processes for evaluation. Individuals learn how best to prepare their tenure and evaluation packages to highlight their contributions in teaching, research and service.
  • Creating Work-Life Balance
    Female faculty often finds it more challenging to balance work and life. We have been sharing our stories to tackle personal problems and issues such as prioritizing demands between work and home, commuter marriages, childcare, aging parents, being single in a family-oriented community.
  • Getting to Know the Institution
    We have invited the department Heads/Chairs, the Dean and the Provost to our meetings to provide historical view of the department/college on tenure, promotion and diversity.