Engineering Women's Faculty Forum (e-WFF) College of Engineering

Mission Statement

The Engineering Women Faculty Group (EWFG) provides mutual mentoring to female faculty at all ranks in the College of Engineering enabling it participants to navigate professional development in this competitive world. Moreover, we devise creative approaches to developing long-term relationships among female faculty and provide continuous support that will lead to a thriving academic career for all involved.

Engineering Women Faculty Group

Our goal is the development of successful engineering female faculty members in research, teaching and service. For more information contact us!


September 2019
Lixin Gao
September 2019
Jessica Schiffman

Jessica Schiffman is part of a team of researchers who were recently awarded $1.75M in NSF funding to study and develop a new class of soft electronics!

September 2019
Fatima Anwar

Welcome to Fatima Anwar, a new assistant professor in ECE!

September 2019
Beatriz Lorenzo

Welcome to Beatriz Lorenzo, a new assistant professor in ECE!

August 2019
Eleni Christofa

Congratulations to Eleni Christofa on being promoted to Associate Professor!

May 2019
Sarah Perry
April 2019
Eleni Christofa

Congratulations to Eleni Christofa on being recognized as one of the Outstanding Junior Faculty in the College of Engineering!

April 2019
Sarah Perry

Congratulations to Sarah Perry on having been awarded a 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award!

March 2019
Friederike Jentoft

Friederike Jentoft received a $110,000 grant from the ACS-PRF to optimize the converesion of methane to higher alkanes!

January 2019
Yanfei Xu

Welcome to Yanfei Xu a new assistant professor in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering!

December 2018
Shelly Peyton

Shelly Peyton's new sophomore-level laboratory course was highlighted for the ways in which it gives students the hands-on experience necessary to help students build their resume, get an internship, and find a job.

December 2018
Emily Kumpel

Emily Kumpel was highlighted in a UMass Amherst Office of News and Media Relations Video for her work making drinking water safe.

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