Engineering Women's Faculty Forum (e-WFF) College of Engineering

Mission Statement

The Engineering Women Faculty Group (EWFG) provides mutual mentoring to female faculty at all ranks in the College of Engineering enabling it participants to navigate professional development in this competitive world. Moreover, we devise creative approaches to developing long-term relationships among female faculty and provide continuous support that will lead to a thriving academic career for all involved.

Engineering Women Faculty Group

Our goal is the development of successful engineering female faculty members in research, teaching and service. For more information contact us!


December 2020
Shelly Peyton

Shelly Peyton was just awarded a research seed grant through the UMass ADVANCE Program to develop a new tool for studying, stopping, and reversing the immunosuppression of the immune system in patients with cancer and other diseases.

December 2020
Mariana Lopes

Welcome to Prof. Mariana Lopes, a new Assistant Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering!

December 2020
Siyuan Rao

Welcome to Prof. Siyuan Rao, a new Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering!

December 2020
Prabhani Atukorale

Welcome to Prof. Prabhani Atukorale, a new Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering!

November 2020
Emily Kumpel

Emily Kumpel was highlighted for a groundbreaking service learning course that she has been teaching on Potable Water for Small and Disadvantaged Communities.

November 2020
Sarah Perry

Work by Sarah Perry on strategies to keep vaccines stable was just highlighted by the UMass and Michigan Tech news services!

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