The University of Massachusetts Amherst

The Cost of Discriminating

Ganguli Team

Standing from left: Tiffany Trzebiatowski (management), Fidan Kurtulus (economics); sitting from left: Ina Ganguli (economics), Doug Rice (political science)

Our team will study how employer discrimination and worker diversity impacts firm performance and innovation outcomes. To do this, they will collect and construct a large-scale, unique database of employment discrimination court cases and link this to firm diversity and firm performance measures. This project will be an important contribution to the body of scientific knowledge on how diversity among employees and discrimination litigation can impact firm outcomes.

The research team will leverage the seed funding from IDS to apply for larger grants from the NSF, Department of Labor, and private foundations. The project team includes students Bridget McKelvey (management and political science), Udeet Gulati, William Harmer, and Yuwei (Alice) Chen (computer science).