The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Research Groups

    To promote multidisciplinary research collaborations, the institute hosts monthly research group meetings organized around diversity and equity in the context of:

    • Health
    • Learning
    • Climate

    At these meetings, Five College faculty from a variety of disciplines, departments, and colleges, present their research, seek feedback, and look for new collaborators. More than 100 faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students currently participate in one or more of the institute's research groups.

    This stimulating exchange of ideas launched many new collaborations. Some of these new teams were awarded seed grants from the Institute of Diversity Sciences to pursue pilot projects that can be leveraged in the future to seek larger external research grants on equity.


    Health, both physical and mental, is influenced by a range of factors including access to healthy nutrition, physical activity, quality of one's local environment, family relationships, as well as the larger sociological, economic, and historic structure within which individuals are immersed.


    From early childhood to adulthood, individuals' learning outcomes are influenced by many factors, including their local learning environments, educational institutions, teachers' expectations, societal expectations, and individual differences in social cognition.


    In the years and decades to come, all people will be affected by climate change in one way or another. Yet there is significant diversity and disparity in the ways in which different individuals, communities, organizations and nations will be impacted by climate change.