The University of Massachusetts Amherst


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Using community-building, mentorship and the expansion of career opportunities, IDS aims to fulfill the human need for belonging, enable the pursuit of purposeful work, and facilitate the development of skills. We are dedicated to supporting STEM students, from college to careers, through two active programs:

Whether you identify as a researcher, a business professional, an alumna or alumnus, or simply share a profound interest in STEM and social justice, we eagerly invite you to connect with us.

Leadership Academy 2023-24

The Leadership Academy is an online, interactive, professional development program welcoming students from groups that are historically marginalized in technology and engineering. We create a community of students from diverse backgrounds who are on a shared journey. Students develop leadership strategies to thrive in college and launch their careers.

Sloan Fellows 2023-24

Funded by a grant from the Alfred P.  Sloan Foundation, IDS started a partnership program between UMass Boston and UMass Amherst. The program creates culture change in computer science and engineering research labs by shaping faculty mindset, facilitating mentored research experience for students, and expanding and diversifying the applicant pool.