Photos of students and mentors

Using community-building, mentorship and the expansion of career opportunities, IDS aims to fulfill the human need for belonging, enable the pursuit of purposeful work, and facilitate the development of skills. We are dedicated to supporting STEM students, from college to careers, as well as transforming faculty mindsets and practices to enhance inclusivity and mentoring of underrepresented students in STEM, through the following programs.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is an online (synchronous) interactive professional development program for undergraduate students in computer science, engineering, and other tech-related majors. The goal of the program is to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in these fields by: a) creating an inclusive community; b) teaching students communication, problem-solving, and networking skills, as well as professional norms and expectations; c) providing students with opportunities to expand their professional network; and d) connecting students to longer-term mentors in tech and engineering industries.

Sloan Student Fellows Program

Funded by the Alfred P.  Sloan Foundation, the Sloan Student Fellows Program is a research mentoring program welcoming Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous (BHI) undergraduate students, who have been historically marginalized in technology and engineering. All Sloan Student Fellows complete a mentored research experience, learn about graduate school options, and develop leadership, communication, and other important professional skills.

Sloan Faculty Fellows Program

Funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Sloan Faculty Fellows Program is designed to engage faculty members deeply with the mission of diversifying STEM fields. It is premised on the idea that university faculty play a critical role in shaping an inclusive academic culture that supports students from historically marginalized groups. Through this program, faculty members develop robust mentoring relationships and contribute to systemic change within their classrooms, departments, and campuses as a whole.