The Student Voices

Cielo Sharkus

Episode III
From Struggle to Success: How Mission and Mentorship Shaped Cielo Sharkus

Bel Corder

Episode II
An IDS-Funded Student Researcher Gives Voice to the Unheard—And Finds Her Own in STEM

Amanda Wigley

Episode I
Speak up for yourself

Our Stories

Below, view short videos on how teams of scientists funded by IDS are using STEM to advance equity and improve access and opportunity for diverse populations. Student training and career development are a key part of these research teams and the focus of our Summer Leadership Academy. You can also learn more about the Institute of Diversity Sciences programs in our E-Newsletter, which comes out twice a year: 

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Teen drivers, ADHD, and technology

Do new automation technologies in cars put teen drivers and those with ADHD at a higher risk of accidents? Watch our brief video to learn about this IDS-funded project. Read more about Teen drivers, ADHD and Technology

Institute of Diversity Sciences: Promoting STEM research that advances social justice from CNSCommunications on Vimeo.

Reforming Math Education to Improve Success for Diverse Students

Can teaching statistics visually help improve STEM learning for students -- especially those with learning disabilities? Read more about reforming math education for diverse students.

Institute of Diversity Sciences: Advancing Equity through STEM Research from CNSCommunications on Vimeo.


Highlighting student researchers

IDS funds the training of future scientists, engineers, and technologists from under-represented backgrounds. Students gain hands-on research experience from a multi-disciplinary team of faculty. Together, these students and faculty STEM researchers are working to better understand and advance equity. Also, read our spotlight on a student researcher.

Institute of Diversity Sciences: Advancing equity through STEM research from CNSCommunications on Vimeo.

Leadership Academy for Students in Tech & Engineering

Our network of Massachusetts researchers, educators, business leaders and students (known as the “REBLS network”) created the IDS Leadership Academy in 2020. In summer 2021, we kicked off its second year and expanded its year-long mentorship program. Read more here.

IDS Leadership Academy from CNS UMass on Vimeo.