Work-Life Balance

Staff and faculty were asked to indicate how satisfied or dissatisfied they are with their ability (“so far this semester”) to balance their work priorities with their personal life priorities. Overall, 66% of staff and 58% of faculty indicated being somewhat or very satisfied with their ability to balance their work and personal life priorities (see dashboard below).  

Among staff, satisfaction with work-life balance varies by social identity, including employee role (see dashboard, below). For example, staff who identify as Trans, Nonbinary or Questioning were more likely than those who identify as Women or Men to report dissatisfaction. And staff who have a disability were twice as likely as those who do not to report being Very Dissatisfied. Satisfaction with work-life balance also varies by social identity among faculty (see dashboard, below). For example, faculty who identify as Men were more likely than Women and Nonbinary faculty to report being Very Satisfied. And Full Professors are less likely than faculty of other ranks to report dissatisfaction.