Watch. Learn. Grow. (A Documentary Series)

This documentary series is geared towards learning about differences, seeing the humanity in everyone, and fostering opportunities for respectful dialogue. Each film will be followed by an opportunity to learn and engage together in a discussion.

Film Screening of "I Am Somebody" 

November 7th from 12:00 – 1:30pm
Old Chapel
This community event seeks to bring people together from across campus - staff, students and faculty - to build bridges across difference by generating dialogue on gender equity and how it connects, historically and contemporarily, to human rights and the rights of workers. This all-campus film showing includes "I Am Somebody," a short documentary on the 1969 struggle of Charleston, S.C. hospital workers, almost all African-American women, for union recognition and improved working conditions and pay.
The film showing includes a free light lunch provided by the Office of Equity and Inclusion with framing comments and interactive, small group discussions led by Cedric De Leon, Director of the UMass Labor Center and Pat Greenfield, retired Professor at the School of Management and former Director of the UMass Labor Center.

This event is part of the Building Bridges public art and engagement initiative which is supported by the Office of Equity and Inclusion, The Partnership for Worker Education and Civic Engagement and Service-Learning.

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