"What if I Say the Wrong Thing?" Learning Community Book Group

What if I say the wrong thing books

If you have ever found yourself wondering if you’ve said the wrong thing or been culturally insensitive, or if you want to connect more effectively and be more inclusive to those around you, then join us for our "What if I Say the Wrong Thing?" Learning Community Book Group.

Members will learn how to engage one another effectively and with respect, even when experiences or beliefs sharply differ. Overall, groups tackle questions that most of us have felt paralyzed by, such as "What should I say," "What should I do?" "How do I keep from saying the wrong thing?" "What do I need to know about myself and others to speak inclusively?"

Highlight from the book:

Habit #4: Can’t we all just get along? See the commonalities between people. It seems like a simple concept, doesn’t it? And yet, we seem to experience conflict with others on a pretty regular basis. We tend to focus on our differences and often overlook the things we have in common that might help us improve our relationships, both at work and in our personal lives.

As Vernā Myers points out: Overly focusing on difference is one of the chief reasons we don’t see the commonalities among our fellow humans... Contemplating the things we have in common can lead to a sense of closeness with individuals we may not know as well as those who reside in our inner circle… One key commonality we share as human beings is that we all know something about what it feels like to be an outsider or the one who is not valued.