Summary of Actions Taken

An act of hate dehumanizes people, erodes individual rights, debilitates morale, and interferes with the effectiveness of work and learning environments. In the wake of an act of hate, the university engages actively to ensure a safe and inclusive campus environment for all.

Actions taken include:

  • Exploring means to make online diversity training available for the entire campus.
  • Strengthened protocol for responding to acts of hate in residence halls.
  • Members of the campus leadership (including the Chancellor) have undergone training to better understand and handle incidents of hate
  • Launched the fight hate page to create a comprehensive single stop resource.
  • Created the Taking Care of Yourself in the Aftermath of Hate wellness resource to promote self-care, reporting, and ensure the community knew where to find support.
  • Ongoing threat assessments to ensure physical safety.
  • Emails from the Chancellor to students and faculty/staff restating our commitment to inclusive community and rejecting hate.
  • Email and outreach to parents of Melville students in response to repeated incidents.
  • Floor and building meetings in residence halls to provide support and awareness.
  • Campus leadership engages in one-on-one and group meetings with impacted students and communities.
  • UMPD investigations of each incident have included: interviewing faculty, staff, and/or students to gather information. Reviewing footage from surveillance cameras, where available, and collecting data from card readers at residence hall entrances.
  • Enhanced residence hall security staffing.
  • Installation of additional surveillance cameras.
  • Increased security patrols in buildings that have been targeted.
  • Increased Counseling Center outreach in cultural centers and residence halls.
  • Engaging maintenance and facilities staff to report and ensure timely removal of bias graffiti.

As an educational institution, we also engage the community in an ongoing fashion to learn about difference and engage thoughtfully to prevent acts of hate.