Training & Workshops

Faculty/Staff Policy and Administrative Training

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office conducts a variety of educational workshops and training for the campus community to assist in combating sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation including: Diversity Training, New Employee Training, Complaint Handler Training, Individualized Training, Search Procedures Training, Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, and Harassment/Discrimination Prevention Training. 

New employee training, provided on an ongoing basis, is a joint offering from the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office and Disability Services. It provides an overview of the policies, procedures and laws dealing with sexual harassment and discrimination. The training covers what constitutes a disability, harassment and discrimination and how to address it.

Sexual harassment training is open to all UMass Amherst employees. This three-hour training is scheduled on an ongoing basis or can be scheduled by request through the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office. The important aspects of sexual harassment, such as: what constitutes sexual harassment; what the laws exist; what are the campus policies and procedures; steps individuals can take if they have been harassed; and how supervisors can address this issue, are covered.

Respectful Workplace and Diversity Workshops 

Available through Workplace Learning and Development 

Workplace Learning and Development (WL&D) provides a wide range of workshops on both respectful workplace issues and specific diversity topics. These range from topics such as "Customer Service in a Multicultural Society" to "Addressing Inappropriate or Disrespectful Behavior in the Workplace."

LGBTQIA Ally Workshops 

Available through the Stonewall Center

Stonewall offers introductory and advanced LGBTQIA workshops for campus departments and offices, residence hall staff, student organizations, other colleges, social service agencies, and community groups. These sessions are tailored to the particular audience and are free to campus groups (off-campus training is offered on a sliding scale). Faculty and staff who complete a training can receive an LGBTQIA supporter placard and be listed as an ally on the Stonewall website.

Active Bystander Trainings

Available through Workplace Learning and Development and Labor/Management Workplace Education and through UMatter@UMass

Have you seen behavior that hurts or undermines other members of the UMass community? Do you want to help create a campus community where everyone is respected? Learn how to help stop and change hurtful behavior. Instead of being a passive bystander—wondering what to say or do—learn new skills for change and empowerment and become an active bystander.

STRIDE Faculty Recruitment Workshop

STRIDE (Strategies and Tactics to Improve Diversity and Excellence) faculty recruitment workshops review research driven best practices to recruit for diversity and excellence across every stage in the search process. 

National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity Workshops

The NCFDD is an independent professional development, training and mentoring community of scholars and students from more than 450 colleges and universities. Its resources are intended to benefit faculty and students of color, as well as all who are in need of general mentoring and looking for support during their career transitions.