Faculty Search Frequently Asked Questions

There seem to be a lot of changes in the faculty hiring process, why? 
In order to advance critical campus goals, the University underwent a reorganization of responsibilities some of which intersected with faculty hiring. Responsibility for overseeing all hiring activity and ensuring compliance with laws governing EEO/AA, diversity, and equity moved to Human Resources. While oversight for faculty hiring continues to be conducted by the Provost’s Office, support and management of the administrative steps moved to HR. This is a significant process change.

This summer, the campus also launched a new talent management system, Page Up. Page Up increases our capacity to better manage searches, reduce reliance on paper processes, and much more. While transitions are stressful, all of these changes are in service of achieving our campus goals. Thank you in advance for your patience. 

What are the administrative steps needed to conduct and complete a search?
Step 1 - Generate a Requisition Number in PageUp​
Step 2 - Complete Requisition Approval in APWS (Phase 1)
Step 3 - Post the Position in Page Up
Step 4 - Obtain Approval for campus shortlist in APWS (Phase 2)
Step 5 - Close the search

For a more detailed overview of the Tenure-Track hiring process in PageUp and APWS, review the Page Up Tenure-Track Faculty Hiring Process Job Aid.

Do I have to be trained in both APWS and Page Up in order to conduct a search?
No, there are resources outlined below that can assist in completing the steps without going through the in-person training. Departments can also designate a staff member to assist in handling the administrative steps in PageUp.

How do I launch and support a search in PageUp? 
Human Resources has created helpful tools to guide you through the steps:

Where can I find real time support for my Page Up questions?
Human Resources will run open labs on Fridays from 1:30 to 3:30 pm in the Fine Arts Center, room 444 during the fall semester. These are drop-in sessions and will accommodate 30 people. For the month of September sessions will focus on PageUp and then transition to ePAF training in October and November, but you will always be able to raise PageUp questions/concerns.

Can you change the job ad after the search is launched?  
Maybe.  We would want to work closely with the unit to see what needs to change.  If there are substantive changes, we would need to ensure that they are made to all of the relevant postings, not just one or two.  If there are changes to the qualifications or terms and conditions of appointment, we would need to notify all applicants which have already come in that there has been changes to the posting and that they should reexamine the posting.

What happens when an application is incomplete?  
You have two choices, either ignore those candidates or communicate with them to let them know that their application is incomplete.  If you do the latter, you would need to do that for every candidate that has an incomplete application, not just those you are interested in.

Can my department do outreach on social media to attract applicants?  

How and when do search committee members get access to Page Up? 
Once a person is entered into a requisition in PageUp as a search committee member or chair they will automatically have access to that search. Access starts as soon as the requisition is submitted in PageUp.

Will search committee members be notified that they have access? 
PageUp does not send emails alerting committee members that they have been granted access. Once the requisition has been submitted and approved the department record keeper should send an email notification.

Can you combine different formats for preliminary screening (skype, conference interview, in person)?  
No.  We should be consistent unless there is a legitimate need (e.g. an accommodation).

What has to be documented and saved as a part search?
The specifics are detailed at the end of the search guide (on page 19). Essentially, retain all the key components that are compiled outside of PageUp (e.g. notes, questions used, rating sheets).

Still have more search questions? 
Your department and college staff who have traditionally assisted with searches should be your first stop for logistical support. If more support is needed, review the list below to identify the best resource to get answers 

  • For questions about administrative steps in the search process including APWS or Page Up, contact your College Personnel Officer first, then Academic Personnel or HR.
  • For questions about ensuring attention to equity and diversity in searches, contact your College Diversity Officer or the Office of Equity and Inclusion.
  • For information about the Strategies and Tactics to Improve Diversity and Excellence (STRIDE) faculty recruitment workshops, follow this link.