UMass Amherst offers a number of diversity, equity, and inclusion resources for students, faculty, and staff. Whether you are seeking academic resources; looking for opportunities for social interaction in organizations; curious about campus policies and regulations; or need to find support during crisis or incidents of bias; we are here help you. Diversity Matters is designed to be your one-stop shop for information. Use the resource navigation sidebar to explore resources related to academics, bias reporting and crisis support, campus life, policies, mentoring, and learn about available trainings and workshops.

Administrative Resources

The resources in this section focus on how diversity is handled administratively at UMass Amherst. These are the departments and units that create or maintain our policies or monitor legal aspects of diversity on campus.

Antiracism Learning Resources

Our list of books, podcasts, films, and other media focused on antiracism education, including those for youths and educators.

Bias & Crisis Support

While we hope you may never have to use them, UMass has several methods through which you can report an incident of bias or receive support. This page will help guide you to these resources. If you are not looking to report a specific incident and instead are looking for support systems or someone to talk to, please visit the UMatter@UMass website.

Campus Life / Social Resources

The programs and organizations listed in this section work hard to enrich your time outside of the classroom by providing speakers, events, support groups, and a sense of community.

COVID-19 Information Center

This site provides the latest campus news and comprehensive information on COVID-19. 

Disability and Accessibility Resources

UMass Amherst embraces disability as a natural part of diversity and seek to build capacity to appreciate and value individual differences, including differences in ability, to create inclusive community. We are fully committed to to providing full and equal access to information and services for all current and potential members of our community.

Employee Resource Groups for Staff and Faculty

The Offices of Equity and Inclusion and Human Resources are launching the UMass Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as of Spring 2020. This initiative will provide UMass staff and faculty with resources for professional development, networking, and mentorship, while also promoting the recruitment, retention, and advancement of employees who are underrepresented in our community.

Faculty Search Resources

UMass Amherst recognizes each faculty recruitment as an opportunity to better serve our mission and identify talent that propels us forward as an institution and advances our diversity goals. The resources in this section will help support your faculty searches.

Inclusive Classroom Practices

UMass Amherst has a long-standing commitment to diversity and equity and we strive for an inclusive culture on our campus. We work to enhance students’ learning experiences and academic success across cultural, social, linguistic, and learning differences, with particular attention to the inclusion of historically underrepresented groups. For that to happen we want to support instructors in teaching effectively to a diverse range of students.

Mentoring Resources

Mentoring is important to building our campus community, and we are proud to host several mentoring programs for faculty and students across campus. New faculty should check with their dean's office for unit-specific mentoring programs.


UMass Policies and Procedures are housed on the central, UMass Policies website.  Key policies as they relate to diversity, equity, and inclusion are summarized in this section.