Reporting Resources & Options

If you, or someone you know, has experienced an act of mistreatment, bias, or discrimination, please report it and get support. Reporting these acts enables us to track incidents, observe patterns, and take corrective steps. UMass has several methods through which you can report such incidents that we have compiled here. If you are not sure which to use, just choose the method or form that you are most comfortable with.

"As valued members of the UMass community, we stand together in fostering an environment of support and empowerment. Your voice matters in preventing and addressing mistreatment, bias, or discrimination. Explore the resources available to you and trust that we're here to assist you every step of the way."

Emergencies & Immediate Care

Emergencies: Call 911 or (413) 545-3111

Center for Counseling and Psychological Health: (413) 545-2337

24/7 Sexual Assault Hotline: (413) 545-0800

Employee Counseling and Consultation Office: (413) 545-0350

University Health Services: (413) 545-5000

UMPD: (413) 545-2121

Campus Reporting Resources for Non-Immediate Care

Office of Equal Opportunity and Access
EOA administers the UMass policy against discrimination, harassment, and related inter-personal violence.

Title IX
Title IX oversees policy and processes prohibiting gender-based discrimination.

Office of Equity and Inclusion
OEI guides UMass efforts related to diversity, equity, & inclusion, and handles climate incident reports.

OMBUDS provides resolution services for conflicts and concerns. Confidential appointments available by phone, videoconference, or in person.

Dean of Students Office
DOSO manages student conduct violations and responds to individual student needs and concerns.

Student Support Request/Referral
Students who have experienced or witness bias activity may seek support and/or be referred to the Dean of Students Office via the Student Support Request/Referral online form.

Anonymous Reporting

Anonymous Tip Line
UMPD operates an Anonymous Tip Line to allow you to anonymously and confidentially report security and safety related concerns and to provide UMPD with tips about criminal incidents or suspicious activities.

Anonymous Witness Form
If you see or hear something that you think we should know, please report it. You may either use the Anonymous Witness Form or call UMPD at (413) 545-2121.

How to be an Active Bystander

The 3 Ds of Active Bystandership via UMatter at UMass

1. DIRECT: Step in and interrupt a harmful situation by pointing out the problem and engaging participants in conversation about better alternatives.

Say things like:

“That’s not funny!”
“What you said [or did] isn’t cool.”
“That type of language [or behavior] isn’t OK.”

“Is this person bothering you?”
“Is there anything I can do to help?”

  • Stand next to someone so they know they are not alone.

  • Look disapprovingly at a person who is harassing someone else.

  • Don’t join in or laugh.

  • Tell someone (either right then or later on) why you thought what they did or said was uncool.

  • If a person is mistreated, tell them it wasn’t okay and you’re sorry it happened.

2. DISTRACT: If you aren’t comfortable calling out the problematic behavior, try interrupting a risky situation by distracting and redirecting the people involved.

  • Ask an unrelated question about a class assignment, a TV show or even the weather. The goal is simply to change the subject!

  • Tell them you think someone is looking for them.

  • Ask them to show you where the bathroom is.

  • Say something positive (like, “Hey, nice shirt!”) to anyone involved.

3. DELEGATE: If you can’t do it alone, involve others.

  • Attract “allies in action.” (Call attention to the situation and get others to help you speak up, prevent or interrupt.)

  • Tell your RA, RD or another staff person right away.

  • Seek out appropriate campus resources.

  • In an emergency, always call 911.

Print Version

Would you like to print and hang this information up in easy access areas? Please dowload our incident reporting flowchart poster below.

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