Equity and Inclusion Engagement Fund

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning in the Spring 2024 semester. 

The Office of Equity and Inclusion Engagement Fund was established in 2023 to fund collaborative initiatives advancing accessibility, inclusion, and community engagement at UMass Amherst. Undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty may request up to $2,500 for collaborations by submitting a proposal when applications open. 

Applications for the OEI Engagement Fund will be accepted for the first six weeks of each semester. OEI also welcomes off-cycle applications for collaborations that will take place during a future semester. Applicants will typically receive a decision from OEI within 30 days of submitting their proposal, and this timeline will be expedited for time-sensitive applications.

The OEI Engagement Fund is the second grant program of the Office of Equity and Inclusion. While OEI’s Campus Climate Improvement Grants fund projects that address challenges to climate and belonging, the new Engagement Fund supports partnerships that thoughtfully engage the UMass community in our collective effort to build a more inclusive campus. OEI Engagement Fund projects might include cross-departmental conferences, collaborative workshops, and other creative opportunities for connective campus engagement. 

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  • Advancement of community engagement at UMass - does the proposal encourage public participation and dialogue among students, faculty, and staff of diverse lived experience? 

  • Commitment to accessibility and inclusion - does the proposal thoughtfully consider how all participants can feel welcome, supported, and comfortable? 

  • Strategy for meeting demonstrated needs of our campus - does the proposal center the leadership and lived experience of its intended audience? 

  • Intergroup collaborations and proposed campus partnerships - does the proposal describe collective community engagement led by diverse partners? 

  • Potential for sustained impact - does the proposal address how community-building and engagement may continue beyond the end of the project, especially for larger funding requests? 

Previously and Currently Funded Projects

Summaries of funded projects are available for anyone who would like to participate or gain inspiration and ideas from our community members.

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Fall 2024

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To discuss your grant application, please contact Cas Rego-Martin, OEI Engagement Coordinator, at cfmartin@umass.edu.