National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity


As part of the university’s commitment to improving the campus climate, an institutional membership with the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) is now available to all faculty, postdoctoral workers and graduate students at no cost. 

This investment by the Chancellor’s Office, the Office of the Provost, the Graduate School and the Institute for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Development will help faculty and graduate students engage with diverse communities, a need that emerged from the fall 2016 campus climate survey.

The NCFDD is an independent professional development, training and mentoring community of scholars and students from more than 450 colleges and universities. Its resources are intended to benefit faculty and students of color, as well as all who are in need of general mentoring and looking for support during their career transitions.

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Membership Features

From classes and discussion forums to programs and webinars, your NCFDD membership includes many great features. Check out some of them below. (Please note: you must be logged in to your NCFDD account before clicking any of the links below.) 

Multi-Week Courses

These courses are facilitated by national experts, and they're designed to teach you what you need to know in the Academy but nobody ever tells you. This summer we're featuring multi-week courses on Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and The Academic Job Market

Discussion Forum

The NCFDD discussion forums are a private place where its members connect, share information, peer-mentor, problem-solve, and celebrate each others' successes. The forusm offer online community engagement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Discussion forums are also the place where NCFDD hosts Monthly Writing Challenges designed to help participants develop and maintain a daily writing habit. 

Resources and Referrals

The resources and referrals page contains all of the organization's favorite books, articles, and preferred vendors listed in one convenient place. Plus, there is a 12-week bootcamp to explore. 

Faculty Success Program

Designed to transform each person's personal and professional life, the Faculty Success Program is for tenure-track and tenured faculty who are looking to increase research productivity and improve work-life balance. The program teaches empirically-tested methods and provides intense accountability, supportive community, and both group and individual coaching.

Summer 2019 Webinars




Every Summer Needs a Plan

Rachel McLaren, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Iowa

5/16/2019 (Thursday)

Moving From Resistance To Writing

Erin Furtak, PhD
University of Colorado at Boulder

6/13/2019 (Thursday)

Moving From Associate To Full Professor

Joy Gaston Gayles, PhD
North Carolina State University

6/20/2019 (Thursday)

Teaching In No Time 2.0 Chavella Pittman, PhD
Associate Professor
Dominican University

7/9/2019 - 7/30/2019 (Tuesdays)

The Art of Saying No Mindi Thompson, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison

7/11/2019 (Thursday)

Cultivating Your Network of Mentors, Sponsors, & Collaborators

Badia Ahad, PhD
Associate Professor
Loyola University, Chicago

8/8/2019 (Thursday)

Creating a Harassment-Free Lab

Kathryn B.H. Clancy, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Illinois

8/14/2019 (Wednesday)

Access Past Trainings and Webinars

Overcoming Academic Perfectionism

Preparing for Parenthood on the Tenure Clock

How to Engage in Healthy Conflict

Writing for a Broader Audience: How to Convey Complex Ideas in Clear, Accessible Prose

Networking for Introverts (and Extroverts, too!): How to Make the Most of Your Next Conference

How to Manage Stress, Rejection & the Haters in Your Midst