Living Through the All-Too-Common Assault Against Communities of Color

April 16, 2021

Dear UMass Community,

I write today to acknowledge the distress and angst felt by our community, especially our Black community members who are living through the very public and all-too-common assault against their humanity.

The accumulation of anti-Asian violence, anti-Black violence, and broader violence against communities of color has proven to be taxing to some and a debilitating weight to carry for others. Many are experiencing anger, anxiety and frustration, due to the cumulative effects of what we are witnessing in this country, most recently evidenced in the killing of Daunte Wright; the fatal shooting of Adam Toledo, a Latino child; and the police treatment of Army Lieutenant Caron Nazario. All this, while the televised trial of Derek Chauvin plays out. As the trial moves towards its conclusion and we await a verdict, I want you to know that we are committed to providing support, and advocating for your well-being through these challenging times.

Please see below, options to support your well-being. Please do take good care of yourself, and continue to support and lift each other.

In solidarity,

Nef Walker 

Nef A. Walker, PhD                                                           
Vice Chancellor & Chief Diversity Officer
Office of Equity and Inclusion                                                   

Resources and Communities of Support