Campus Climate Improvement Grants

The sun sets over UMass Amherst

The Office of the Equity and Inclusion invites applications for Campus Climate Improvement Grants. We encourage you to take an active role and bring your creativity to the work of improving our campus climate. We seek proposals for projects and activities that foster engagement, build community, and enhance understanding.

Priority will be given to those proposals that are likely to yield more sustained climate improvement and involve members of our campus community. We will evaluate proposals based on relevance to campus climate improvement, nature of impact, and likelihood of completion by the end of spring 2018. To apply, please read through all of the information below and then click "Apply here." Applications are now closed, but they will be open again soon for fall 2018. 


Applicants must be a student (currently enrolled in UMass Amherst), a staff, or faculty member. Student applicants must be affiliated with a registered student organization with a budgetary account number or have the administrative support of their academic department in order to transfer funding. We anticipate making awards across all populations (staff, faculty, and students) and strongly encourage applications from all groups.

Award Amounts

Grants will range from $250 to $2,500.  We expect to make up to 10-15 grants within the $250-$500 range, and 5-10 grants in the $1,500-$2,500 range; grants in the larger range will require cost-sharing with another office. Funds are considered one-time seed funds.


  • engaging in the development of knowledge or skill through a reading group, workshop, or training

  • creating a key resource to fill a campus need

  • innovations in teaching and performance

  • activities that promote community-building

  • improving communication across difference

Sample Budgets

Sample Budget for $500 grant





Focal book titled “…” at $15/copy x 25 people



To cover snacks for participant meetings





Sample Budget for $2,500 grant





To cover refreshments for participants ($500)



Workshop fee for Specialized Trainer





Cost Sharing

Partnering Office or Unit Contribution



Total Request


Applications are now closed, but they will reopen for fall 2018 soon.